The very best 12 nightlife spots in Kraków, Poland

In the enchanted city of Kraków, where ancient charm meets trendy vibes, the night comes alive with an eclectic mix of bars and clubs to suit all nocturnal creatures. Slide into the hidden depths of Singer, a speakeasy cocktail den tucked away behind a vintage sewing machine storefront. For those craving a whimsical experience, Alchemia is your go-to spot, with its mystical atmosphere and potions that could give Harry Potter a run for his galleons. And if you’re feeling fancy (or just fancy a hangover), head to Prozak, where the name may sound sketchy but the panoramic views of the city from its lofty rooftop bar are nothing short of mesmerizing. How’s that for a night out in magical Kraków?

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1. Frantic Club

3.8 (1121)

Szewska 5, 31-009 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Frantic Club in Kraków, where the night comes alive and sanity goes on vacation. Nestled in the heart of this historic city, Frantic Club is the ultimate destination for party-goers who love a side of chaos with their cocktails. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience that is equal parts thrilling and bewildering, as you navigate through the mesmerizing labyrinth of dance floors and curtains that lead to secret corners filled with surprises you didn't even know you needed.

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2. Alchemia

4.5 (4776)

Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Alchemia, Kraków's very own mystical hideaway where the past and present collide! Step into this quirky bar and prepare to be enchanted by its eclectic charm. With a vibe that oscillates between vintage and hipster, this place has become a playground for those seeking adventure and, of course, a well-crafted cocktail or two. Let Alchemia work its magic on you as you become part of Kraków's folklore, sipping your drink beneath the flickering candlelight.

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3. Barka

4.4 (1020)

Podgórska 16, 31-052 Kraków, Poland

Tucked away amidst the charming streets of Kraków, Barka is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This quirky riverside venue promises a unique experience for those seeking a break from the ordinary. Step onboard this floating oasis and be prepared for a delightful combination of delicious bites, refreshing drinks, and an atmosphere that will leave you feeling like a land-dwelling sailor on an epic voyage.

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4. C K Browar

4.5 (4192)

Podwale 7, 31-118 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to C K Browar, the "hoppiest" place in Kraków! Located in the heart of the city, this brewery and restaurant combo is a beer lover's paradise. Step into a world where traditional craftsmanship meets mouthwatering cuisine, and remember to bring your sense of humor to fully appreciate their pun-tastic beer names like "Ale Mary" and "Hoppy-go-lucky." You might find yourself in a frothy situation trying to choose from their extensive selection of house-brewed beers. From light and refreshing lagers to bold and adventurous IPAs, C K Browar has something to please every beer aficionado. Just don't be surprised if you find it hard to resist sampling them all – we won't judge you for ending up in a "hoppy" haze! But it's not only about the beer at C K Browar. Their menu is a culinary adventure that will leave you salivating. Feast your eyes on plates piled high with hearty Polish delicacies, like pierogi stuffed with all sorts of deliciousness or sizzling sausages that pair perfectly with that hoppy pint in your hand. So, if you're looking for a place where you can "ale-viate" your thirst and "hop" your way to happiness, C K Browar is the place to be – a tantalizing blend of brews, bites, and belly laughs.

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5. Prozak 2.0

3.5 (1256)

plac Dominikański 6, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Prozak 2.0, giving Kraków a serious run for its money in all things quirky! Nestled in the heart of the city, this lively venue is a colorful playground for the curious traveler with an insatiable appetite for all things alternative. Step into a kaleidoscope of psychedelic art, pulsating beats, and an atmosphere that's as vibrant as a rainbow on technicolor steroids. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in the wild world of electronic music or just bask in the whimsical ambiance, Prozak 2.0 is the place to join fellow eccentric explorers and dance the night away as confetti rains from the ceiling like a disco snowstorm.

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6. Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

4.5 (725)

Szewska 12, 31-009 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club in Kraków, where the magic of music tickles your eardrums and dances with your taste buds, leaving you helplessly addicted to its charm. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant Polish city, Piec Art presents itself as a cozy sanctuary for jazz enthusiasts, offering a delightful collision of melodies and flavors. As you bask in the warm glow of candlelight, sipping on your cocktail and swaying to the rhythm, you'll find yourself questioning why you haven't moved here permanently to live in perfect harmony with this jazzy utopia.

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7. Teatro Cubano Havana Club

4 (4366)

Jagiellońska 10, 31-010 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Teatro Cubano Havana Club in Kraków, where the vibrant spirit of Cuba meets the charming atmosphere of Poland. Step into this lively haven and be transported to Havana, minus the palm trees and the scorching sun. Prepare to dance the night away to pulsating salsa rhythms, sip on refreshing mojitos like a true Hemingway fan, and indulge in delicious Cuban cuisine that will make your taste buds shout "¡Ay, caramba!"

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8. Harris Piano Jazz Bar

4.5 (1713)

Rynek Główny 28, 31-000 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Harris Piano Jazz Bar in magical Kraków, where you'll find more than just rhymes and tunes that would make Mozart's moustache quiver with envy. This jazzy joint offers an unforgettable experience that's jazzier than a saxophonist's riff. Step into this cozy cave of musical marvels and let the dulcet melodies tickle your eardrums while the piano keys dance like Fred and Ginger on a Saturday night. So, whether you're a seasoned jazz aficionado or just a curious cat craving some toe-tapping tunes, Harris Piano Jazz Bar will leave you grooving in your seat and craving more sass than a talkative parrot with a penchant for scotch and cigars.

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9. Cien

3.2 (22)

Świętego Jana 15, 31-017 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Cien, a charming cafe nestled in the heart of Kraków, where the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafts through the air, luring in caffeine enthusiasts like a siren song. As you enter through its doors, you are greeted by the eclectic decor that seems to have been curated by a caffeinated time traveler with a love for mismatched furniture and retro knick-knacks. Whether you're seeking a spot for a leisurely brunch or a cozy nook to lose track of time with a good book, Cien is the perfect place to sip your worries away and catch up on the latest gossip from Kafka enthusiasts to hipster baristas.

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10. Szpitalna 1

Szpitalna 1, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Szpitalna 1, Kraków's most vibrant and charming street, where history and modernity intertwine like a confusing color scheme in a hipster café. Stroll down this enchanting lane and marvel at the architectural mishmash that combines Renaissance, Gothic, and modern structures, as if the buildings were chosen on a bizarre home renovation reality show. Don't miss the chance to pretend to be a time traveler as you sip a latte in one of the quirky bohemian cafés, where even the baristas wear berets unironically.

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11. Forum Przestrzenie

4.6 (12782)

Marii Konopnickiej 28, 30-302 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Forum Przestrzenie, Kraków's quirkiest hangout spot! Nestled in the heart of the city, this unique venue is the ultimate fusion of art, food, and hipster vibes. As you enter, be prepared to lose yourself in a maze of eclectic rooms, each with its own distinct personality and a secret passage or two. Whether you're craving a taste adventure from the mouthwatering food trucks or yearning to channel your inner Picasso at the graffiti-filled courtyard, Forum Przestrzenie guarantees a wild ride through Kraków's creative underbelly.

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12. Coco Music Club

3.8 (1393)

Szpitalna 38, 31-024 Kraków, Poland

If you find yourself in Kraków and have an insatiable appetite for music, Coco Music Club is the place for you. Nestled in the city's vibrant streets, this club promises a night of toe-tapping tunes and a healthy dose of laughter. So put on your dancing shoes, bring your sense of humor, and get ready to join the lively crowd in a musical escapade you won't soon forget.

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How to get there


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by plane is to fly into John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, which is located about 11 kilometers from the city center.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by car is to follow the A4 motorway, which connects the city with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Wrocław. It's worth noting that parking in the city center can be difficult and expensive, so it's recommended to park outside the city and use public transportation to get around.


Kraków has its own train station, Kraków Główny, which is located in the city center and is well-connected with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Gdańsk.


Kraków is not accessible by boat as it is located inland and does not have any navigable rivers or canals. The closest port city is Gdańsk, which is located on the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry or cruise ship.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by bus is to take one of the many domestic or international bus services that arrive at Kraków Bus Station. The station is located close to the city center and is well-served by local transportation.

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