15 perfect restaurants in Bilbao, Spain

Welcome to Bilbao, the land of tantalizing tastes! Delve into the article about the 15 finest culinary hideouts that will tempt your taste buds with each bite. From cozy pintxo bars to swanky Michelin-starred establishments, you'll need to loosen your belt and unleash your inner foodie on this flavorful gastronomic adventure. Bon appétit!

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1. Zortziko

4.3 (395)

Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 17, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Bilbao, where you can experience the lively rhythm of Zortziko! This traditional Basque dance may look like a bunch of people twirling around, but don't be fooled, it's much more than that. Grab a partner and get ready to spin and stomp to the beat, just make sure to hold on tight, we wouldn't want any misplaced dance partners flying into the river! Zortziko is not just a dance, it's an opportunity to let loose and feel the true spirit of Bilbao. And let me tell you, if you're not sweating like you've just run a marathon after a few minutes of Zortziko, you're doing it wrong! So put on your dancing shoes and join the locals as they gracefully (or not so gracefully) sway to the rhythm, making sure to keep an eye out for any unsuspecting tourists trying to mimic the steps and ending up with tangled feet! Now, don't be discouraged if you have two left feet or struggle to master the fancy footwork of Zortziko. The key here is to embrace the chaos and just have fun! So if your dance moves resemble an awkward penguin on roller skates, don't worry, everyone else will be too busy enjoying themselves to notice. Get ready to laugh, twirl, and most importantly, create memories that will leave your adventurous spirit craving more Zortziko in the heart of Bilbao!


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2. El Perro Chico

4.2 (1389)

Arechaga Kalea, 2, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to El Perro Chico, Bilbao's fabulous culinary gem that caters to both foodies and dog lovers - although don't worry, they don't actually serve dog! Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, El Perro Chico offers a quirky fusion of Basque and Mediterranean flavors that will leave your taste buds wagging with delight. From their pintxo platters that are as colorful as a dog's coat to their decadent desserts that will have your tail wagging, El Perro Chico is a must-visit for those seeking a unique dining experience.


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3. Boroa

48340 Boroa, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Boroa, the culinary sanctuary of Bilbao! This charming gem is tucked away in a peaceful countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. As you step foot into this unassuming restaurant, be prepared to have your taste buds embark on a flavor-filled roller coaster ride, orchestrated by the culinary maestros of Boroa. With a delightful touch of quirkiness, Boroa caters to both traditionalists and adventurous foodies alike. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by their innovative dishes that blend Basque traditions with a dash of relentless creativity. The charming staff adds an extra sprinkle of humor to your dining experience, so don't be surprised if you find yourself chuckling between bites of their mouthwatering delicacies.

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4. Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao

4.6 (1548)

Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 61, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Nestled in the vibrant city of Bilbao, the Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao is like that friend who always steals the spotlight at parties. With its unique blend of contemporary and avant-garde design, this hotel will make you feel as sophisticated as a penguin wearing a tuxedo. Prepare to have your mind blown by the breathtaking views of the Guggenheim Museum from your room, because let's face it - art is great, but enjoying it while lounging in fluffy bathrobes is on a whole new level.


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5. El Txakoli

4.1 (3297)

Carretera Artxanda-Santo Domingo Errepidea, 19, 48015 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Bilbao, where the city's vibrant charm flows as freely as its oh-so-delicious El Txakoli! This delightful Basque white wine, made from grapes grown on steep hillsides and attributed with magical hangover-avoiding properties (or so the locals claim), is a must-try while you're here. Soak up the lively atmosphere at one of the traditional txakoli bars, where you can become a true connoisseur with a crash course in pouring this fizzy beverage from an impressive height, while trying not to spray your fellow patrons with uncontrolled enthusiasm. Salud!


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6. Andra Mari

3.9 (97)

Abusu K., 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Nestled in the enchanting city of Bilbao, lies the charming Andra Mari. This haven for culture seekers boasts a stunning location, providing guests with the perfect backdrop for pretending to be in an artsy French film. Prepare to be seduced by its graceful architecture, as the building strikes the perfect balance between old-world charm and the uncanny feeling that it may burst into song at any moment. With its whimsical charm and a touch of mystery, Andra Mari is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly unique experience in Bilbao.

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7. Victor Montes

4.3 (2436)

Pl. Nueva, 8, 48005 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

Welcome to Bilbao, where you'll come across the infamous Victor Montes, the resident Michelin-starred chef with a flamboyant personality that could rival the flashy Guggenheim Museum. With a mustache that seems to possess magical culinary powers, Victor Montes can be spotted from a mile away, striding through the streets like a food-conquering superhero. Don't be alarmed if you catch him whispering sweet nothings to his beloved pintxos – his passion for these Basque tapas is as intense as the local red wine.


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8. Bascook

4.4 (1376)

Barroeta Aldamar Kalea, 8, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Bascook, the culinary paradise nestled in the heart of Bilbao! This eccentric and lively restaurant will tickle your taste buds like a mischievous comedian. From the moment you step in, you'll be greeted by whimsical waitstaff whose quirks are matched only by the gastronomic wonders that await you. Get ready for a rollercoaster of flavors as Bascook's innovative dishes take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure.


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9. Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao

4.3 (500)

Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to the stunning Nervión riverfront, where an architectural miracle stands tall, enticing art lovers and bewildering pigeons alike. Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao is an avant-garde masterpiece, as if a once-drunken steel giant decided to take up yoga and adopted a graceful, asymmetrical pose. Inside, you'll find a delightful fusion of contemporary artwork and gastronomy, giving you a taste of culture that will make your taste buds skip a beat.


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10. Mina

4.3 (105)

Martzana Kaia, s/n, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

In the colorful city of Bilbao, you'll stumble upon Mina, a tongue-in-cheek artist with an infectious love for vibrant graffiti. With paintbrushes at the ready, Mina turns blank walls into captivating masterpieces, leaving locals and tourists alike in awe. Don't be surprised if you start questioning the existence of a secret art school hidden beneath the city's cobblestone streets, where Mina must have honed their mystical talents.


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11. Etxanobe

4.7 (1729)

Calle Juan Ajuriaguerra Kalea, 8, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Etxanobe, Bilbao's culinary gem that will leave you wondering whether you're in a restaurant or on cloud nine. Prepare to be wowed by their dishes that dance upon your taste buds with passion, as if the chef secretly trained at Hogwarts. From the moment you step inside, you'll find yourself embraced by an ambiance so cozy that you'll want to move in and exchange mortgage payments for four-course meals.


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12. Mina Restaurante

4.3 (105)

Martzana Kaia, s/n, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Mina Restaurante, a hidden gem in the heart of Bilbao where culinary delights await you like secret treasures. Prepare to indulge in a delightful dance of flavors as the skilled chefs whip up creative dishes that will make your taste buds tango with joy. The charming ambience will transport you to a whimsical world where the only worry you'll have is deciding which delectable dish to savor next.


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13. Azurmendi

4.7 (1496)

Barrio Leguina, s/n, 48195 Larrabetzu, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Azurmendi, Bilbao's culinary oasis that will leave your taste buds dancing a samba. Prepare yourselves for a gastronomic adventure that will transport you to flavor heaven faster than you can say "hola, delicious!" This eco-friendly restaurant, nestled amidst the picturesque Basque countryside, is so stunning it'll make even the pickiest eater feel like they've won the food lottery.


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14. El Huevo Frito

4.2 (1384)

García Rivero Maisuaren Kalea, 1, 48011 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to El Huevo Frito, the delightful culinary haven tucked away in the colorful streets of Bilbao. As you step inside, be prepared to embark on a journey of eggy proportions. Their menu offers unparalleled ingenuity, with each dish showcasing the humble fried egg in unimaginable ways, guaranteed to leave you yolking with joy. Don't forget to try their signature creation, the "Eggsplosion" - a concoction so outlandish, it will crack you up and leave you egg-static for more!

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15. Casa Rufo

4.4 (917)

Hurtado de Amezaga Kalea, 5, 48008 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Welcome to Casa Rufo! This vibrant little gem in Bilbao is like a cheeky tapas bar on steroids. With its funky décor and lively atmosphere, it's like stepping into a boisterous carnival, except with more food and fewer terrifying clowns. Prepare yourself for a tantalizing tapas experience that will leave your taste buds dancing the flamenco!


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How to get there


The best way to get to Bilbao by plane is to fly to Bilbao Airport, which is located approximately 12 kilometers north of the city center. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Bilbao from cities across Europe and beyond.


Traveling by car is a convenient way to explore the Basque Country, including Bilbao. Visitors can rent a car from major cities such as San Sebastian or explore the area on a self-guided road trip.


While there are no direct train services to Bilbao from other parts of Europe, travelers can take a high-speed train to nearby cities such as San Sebastian or Vitoria-Gasteiz and then transfer to a local train or bus bound for Bilbao.


While there are no direct boat services to Bilbao, travelers can take a ferry from the UK or France to Santander or other port cities in northern Spain and then travel to Bilbao by train or bus.


Buses are a popular and affordable way to travel to Bilbao from other cities in Spain and beyond. Major bus companies such as ALSA and Eurolines offer services to Bilbao from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.

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