15 perfect restaurants in Chester, United Kingdom

As the ancient city of Chester continues to amaze visitors with its historic architecture and unique atmosphere, it's no surprise that foodies from all over the world head towards this enchanting place to treat their taste buds to a one-of-a-kind gastronomical adventure. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the 15 best restaurants in Chester where you can devour the most delicious meals. From the cozy, family-run eateries serving hearty British fare to the upscale diners presenting delectable international dishes, this list has got you covered regardless of your palate preferences. Don't forget to pack an extra belt, as these restaurants will make you want to dine your way through the entire city.

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1. Mad Hatters Tearoom and Bakery

4.3 (472)

49 Bridge St, East, Chester CH1 1NW, UK

Mad Hatters Tearoom and Bakery in Chester is a riot of whimsical decor, with vintage tea cups and saucers hanging from the ceiling like an upside-down wonderland. The menu is equally playful, with sandwiches like 'Alice in Wonderland' (featuring chicken and bacon) and cakes such as 'Queen of Hearts' (a decadent red velvet creation). If you're looking for a tea party to remember, Mad Hatters is the perfect place to indulge your curiouser and curiouser side.

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2. The Botanist

4.3 (2514)

13 St Werburgh St, Chester CH1 2DY, UK

Welcome to The Botanist in Chester, where the cocktails are just as exotic as the flora! Step inside this former bank and you'll find yourself in a paradise of plants and potions, complete with a double height ceiling and original features. The bartenders here are like mixologists meets gardeners, and the delicious drinks will have you saying "leaf me alone, I'm not sharing!"


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3. The Moorings

4.4 (509)

23 The Groves, Chester CH1 1SD, UK

Welcome to The Moorings in Chester - the perfect destination for those who want to experience the joys of boating and the quirks of British weather at the same time! Here, you can rent a narrowboat and navigate through the picturesque canals while constantly checking the weather app on your phone. And if it does rain - don't worry! Our boats come equipped with umbrellas and wellies for those who forgot to pack them. Plus, you'll have a front-row seat to witness the classic British pastime of canal-side picnics in the rain. Delightful!


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4. Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor

4.5 (93)

The Chester Grosvenor, 56-58 Eastgate St, Chester CH1 1LT, UK

Simon Radley is the head chef at The Chester Grosvenor - if you see a man running around the kitchen with a serious expression and a very white chef's hat, that's probably him. He's a bit of a food wizard, with a talent for making even the most mundane ingredients taste like something from the garden of Eden. In short, if you're lucky enough to dine at The Chester Grosvenor, keep an eye out for Simon - he might just make your taste buds do a little dance.


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5. Opera Grill

4.3 (1472)

3 Pepper St, Chester CH1 1DF, UK

Opera Grill in Chester is the place you want to be if you're craving some posh nosh. This haute cuisine restaurant is as chic as it is charming, with a soundtrack of upbeat tunes that will get your feet tapping. It's a place where the food is almost as artful as the decor, and where you'll leave feeling full, happy, and perhaps a little bit fancy.


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6. Upstairs at The Grill

4.7 (769)

70 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LA, UK

Nestled in the heart of Chester, Upstairs at The Grill is where you can dine like royalty, without breaking the bank. With its swanky décor and delectable menu, this restaurant is perfect for date night or a night out with the lads. Warning: the steak is so good, it might make you want to propose on the spot (but please resist the urge until at least dessert).


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7. Joseph Benjamin

4.6 (276)

134-140 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT, UK

Nestled in the heart of Chester lies Joseph Benjamin, a restaurant that will make your taste buds leap with joy like a spring lamb. The chef is as skilled as a tightrope walker, balancing bold flavors with delicate finesse. The atmosphere is more inviting than a warm hug from your favorite auntie. Don't miss out on this delightful dining experience!


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8. The Oakfield

4.6 (940)

Caughall Rd, Upton, Chester CH2 1LH, UK

Nestled in the quaint streets of Chester, The Oakfield is a charming pub that welcomes locals and visitors alike. Step inside and you'll find a warm, inviting atmosphere that harks back to the days of long conversations, clinking glasses, and hearty laughs. A perfect spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing - or to avoid sightseeing altogether and simply enjoy a pint (or two) with your mates.


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9. Hanky Panky Pancakes

4.7 (1195)

20 Commonhall St, Chester CH1 2BJ, UK

Nestled in the heart of Chester is the charming Hanky Panky Pancakes. As you walk through the door, the intoxicating smell of warm maple syrup welcomes you; a surefire way to make any stomach grumble in anticipation. The walls are adorned with quirky pancake-themed decor, making it the perfect hangout spot for those looking for something egg-citing.


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10. Piccolino

4.4 (615)

33, Pepper Row, Chester CH1 1EA, UK

Piccolino in Chester is a tiny piece of Italy that's been dropped in the heart of the city. If you like pasta, pizza, and wine, then congratulations – you're a human being. And if you find yourself in Chester and don't pay a visit to Piccolino, then you might want to check if you have a pulse.


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11. Côte Brasserie

4.5 (970)

36 Bridge St, Chester CH1 1NQ, UK

If you want a dash of French charm amidst the cobblestones and Tudor beams of Chester, Côte Brasserie is your place. The restaurant sits on the ground floor of a brick building that looks like it belongs in a Disney movie. Inside, the atmosphere is sophisticated and relaxed, as if you're eating in your own private Parisian bistro.


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12. The Suburbs

4.4 (308)

22 Charles St, Hoole, Chester CH2 3AZ, UK

Welcome to the cozy and charming town of Chester, where The Suburbs offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Be prepared to trade in your high heels for a comfortable pair of sneakers as this town is perfect for strolling and taking in the scenic views. Take a break from your shopping addiction and indulge in the local cuisine at one of The Suburbs' many quaint cafes and restaurants.


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13. The Sticky Walnut

4.7 (573)

11 Charles St, Cheshire, Chester CH2 3AZ, UK

Welcome to The Sticky Walnut, where sticky is what we're all about! This charming restaurant in Chester boasts a tasty range of seasonal dishes that will leave your taste buds positively tacky. From the sticky toffee pudding to the caramelised belly pork, every dish is a sticky masterpiece that will have you coming back for more. Don't forget to wipe your hands and your chin - things can get a little messy here at The Sticky Walnut!


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14. Chez Jules

4.6 (1380)

71 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HQ, UK

Chez Jules in Chester is a little slice of Parisian heaven, conveniently located in the heart of England. The bistro oozes French charm with its quaint red and white checked tablecloths and vintage posters adorning the walls. Don't be surprised if you find yourself ordering the escargot and channelling your inner Francophile.


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15. The Chef’s Table

4.8 (434)

4 Music Hall Passage, Chester CH1 2EU, UK

If you're in the mood for some culinary exploration, The Chef's Table in Chester is a definite must-visit. This restaurant serves up some seriously impressive dishes that'll have you questioning whether you're actually eating at a Michelin star establishment. Although, if you're on a budget, just be warned that the prices might make your eyes water more than the onions in the kitchen.


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How to get there


The best way to get to Chester by plane is to fly into Manchester Airport and then take a direct train to Chester. The journey takes around 45 minutes and trains run frequently throughout the day.


The best way to get to Chester by car is to take the M6 and then the M56 towards Chester. It should take around 45 minutes from Manchester and around 2 hours from London.


The best way to get to Chester by train is to take a direct service from London Euston station. The journey takes around 2 hours and there are several services each day.


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to get to Chester by boat. However, you can take a ferry to Liverpool and then continue your journey by train or bus as described above.


The best way to get to Chester by bus is to take a service from Liverpool or Manchester. From Liverpool, you can take the X8 or X2 services which take around 45-60 minutes. From Manchester, you can take the 41 or 42 services which take around 1 hour 45 minutes.

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