15 perfect restaurants in Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Uppsala, a city that not only boasts history and breathtaking architecture but also satisfies all the culinary cravings of food enthusiasts. Prepare your taste buds for a rollercoaster ride through the city's gastronomic landscape. From cozy cafes with Swedish delicacies to lively bistros serving international fusion, Uppsala has it all! Whether you’re a foodie or just enjoy stuffing your face, this article will guide you to the top 15 restaurants that will keep both your tummy and your travel memories full.

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1. Katalin & All That Jazz

4.3 (1209)

Roslagsgatan 1, 753 27 Uppsala, Sweden

Nestled in the heart of the charming city of Uppsala, Katalin & All That Jazz offers a jazzy escape for music enthusiasts and casual toe-tappers alike. With its cozy ambiance, this lively jazz club promises an electric atmosphere that's sure to make your inner jazz hands flutter with excitement. Step inside and be prepared to savor enchanting melodies, indulge in tasty libations, and surrender to the infectious rhythms of live jazz music that will make even your hips confess to a secret desire to swivel.


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2. Vurma

4.2 (667)

Bergsunds strand 31, 117 38 Stockholm, Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Uppsala, Vurma is a cozy, caffeine-infused oasis for those seeking a respite from the rigors of student life. The café warmly welcomes patrons with the aroma of their signature freshly brewed coffee, so divine it could awaken even the most dedicated nap enthusiast. With its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic mix of furniture (think hipster meets grandma chic), Vurma is the perfect spot to indulge in a velvety latte while contemplating your life choices—or just the caramelized perfection of their divine cinnamon buns.


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3. Åkanten

3.8 (437)

S:t Eriks torg, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Åkanten, Uppsala's charming neighborhood that seems to have a perpetual love affair with bicycles! This quirky little district boasts a plethora of bike routes, making it the perfect destination for those who want to navigate the city on two wheels while pretending to be the Tour de France champion. Don't be surprised if you find locals engaging in intense debates about handlebar styles and pedal efficiency at the neighborhood's numerous biker cafes - these self-proclaimed experts will surely teach you a thing or two about the art of cycling!


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4. Pinchos

4 (1094)

Klostergatan 6-8, 753 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Pinchos in Uppsala – a delightful culinary adventure where the serious business of eating succulent tapas meets the whimsy of pressing buttons to order! Prepare to unleash your inner foodie magician as you wave your magic (credit) wand to summon a collection of tempting small plates. Bask in the glory of your newfound powers as you indulge in a symphony of flavors, all while ensuring your fingers get their well-deserved exercise!


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5. Arirang

4.5 (71)

S:t Olofsgatan 35, 753 30 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Arirang, the heavenly abode of Korean flavors nestled in the heart of Uppsala! As you step into this gastronomic haven, you'll be greeted by delightful aromas that will send your taste buds on an exotic adventure. The captivating fusion of traditional and modern Korean cuisine will have you doing the Arirang dance of joy while chanting, "Bibimbap-boo, I'm in foodie heaven!"


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6. Stationen

4 (2332)

Olof Palmes plats 6, 753 21 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Stationen in Uppsala, the bustling hub that brings together trains, buses, and bewildered travelers wondering whether they accidentally stepped into a 24/7 circus. Prepare to be greeted by a glorious symphony of screeching brakes, chirping ticket machines, and the occasional lost sock that somehow made its way onto the platform. If you fancy a game of "Who Can Dodge the Most Suitcases," then this is the place for you!


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7. Koh Phangan

4.1 (862)

Fyristorg 2, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Koh Phangan in Uppsala, also known as "the perfect mix of island paradise and Swedish charm." Prepare to be enchanted by the ethereal beauty of Fyris River as it winds through this quaint location, begging you to dive in and cool off like you're on an exotic beach. Don't forget to explore the bustling streets adorned with colorful buildings, where you can indulge in endless fikas, Swedish style – because when in Uppsala, you've got to get your caffeine fix, even if there isn't a palm tree in sight!


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8. Bella Italia

3.4 (50)

Bevrijdingsstraat 9, 6701 AA Wageningen, Netherlands

Welcome to Bella Italia in Uppsala, where you can indulge in a culinary adventure that'll make both your taste buds and your sense of humor dance like Italian footballers in their matching tracksuits. Step inside this cozy eatery filled with mismatched chairs and vintage posters, all adding to the charm of feeling like you've been teleported to nonna's kitchen. Be prepared to have your mouth water as you savor classic Italian dishes, served with a side of authentic Swedish sarcasm from the passionate staff.


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9. Kina Thai Palace

3.3 (709)

Smedsgränd 9, 753 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Uppsala, Kina Thai Palace awaits to transport you straight to the far-east, where fluffy clouds of heavenly aromas fill the air. Their menu might as well be a culinary atlas, showcasing an array of vibrant Thai delicacies that will make your taste buds go on a rollercoaster ride - spice levels are not for the faint-hearted! The restaurant's charming ambiance complete with understated fish tanks and walls adorned with Asian curios is sure to make you question whether you've accidentally stumbled upon a hidden Thai sanctuary.


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10. Punainen Kukko

4 (2594)

Storgatan 27, 753 31 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Punainen Kukko, the quirky gem of Uppsala! This eccentric Finnish-themed diner transports you straight to Helsinki without the hassle of a long-haul flight. Get ready to indulge in mouthwatering reindeer meatballs while being surrounded by kitschy moose decorations, because nothing says authentic like dining with a wooden Nordic creature watching you enjoy your meal. So, grab a seat, embrace the Finnish spirit, and prepare for a dining experience that'll leave you saying "Moi!"


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11. Restaurang La Piazza

3.8 (198)

Mimmi Ekholms plats 1, 752 21 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Restaurang La Piazza in Uppsala, where pizza dreams come true, and taste buds do the salsa! This delightful restaurant is like a hidden treasure trove, tucked away in the heart of Uppsala's cobbled streets. With its vibrant Italian ambiance and mouthwatering dishes that could elicit an "amore" from even the most stone-hearted carnivore, La Piazza is an absolute must-try for both foodies and fans of "Holy cannoli!" moments.

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12. Kallt Karl

Fyrislundsgatan 37, 754 33 Uppsala, Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Uppsala, Kallt Karl comes to the rescue of ice cream enthusiasts seeking frozen delights. Prepare to be enchanted by the ingenious concoctions this small ice cream parlor whips up, as they push the boundaries of imagination and taste. From peculiar flavors like maple bacon to unexpected combinations like lavender and chocolate chip, Kallt Karl is here to tickle your taste buds and make you question the very essence of frozen goodness.

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13. En Trappa Upp Mat & Café

4.2 (162)

Ringgatan 35, 752 17 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to En Trappa Upp Mat & Café, the little haven where stairs meet snacks in Uppsala! This funky café is nestled within an old charming building, so be prepared to climb a steep staircase that'll make your thighs tremble with anticipation. Get ready to indulge in a scrumptious selection of sandwiches, wraps, and pastries that will make your taste buds two-step with delight.


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14. Restaurang Lingon

3.9 (116)

Svartbäcksgatan 30, 753 32 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Restaurang Lingon, where the fusion of Swedish delicacies and culinary innovation will leave your taste buds dancing like ABBA on a Friday night. Nestled in the heart of Uppsala, this charming eatery is where Ikea's meatballs go to retire. Prepare to embark on a gastronomical adventure that will have you yelling "mamma mia" from the first bite to the last lingonberry.

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15. Flustret

3.2 (390)

Flustergränd 5, 753 09 Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to Flustret in Uppsala, where you can enjoy a night out while feeling like a modern-day Viking! This lively hotspot combines the best of both worlds: a sophisticated restaurant and a pulsating nightclub. Brace yourself for an evening filled with delicious food, potent drinks, and enough dance moves to impress even the sternest Swedish party-goer.


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How to get there


The best way to get to Uppsala by plane is to fly into Arlanda Airport, which is about 30 minutes away by train. There are many airlines that fly into Arlanda, including SAS, Norwegian, and Ryanair.


You can reach Uppsala by car via the E4 motorway. The journey from Stockholm takes about 1 hour, depending on traffic. There is plenty of parking in Uppsala, including several paid parking lots.


You can take a train to Uppsala from Stockholm Central Station. Trains run frequently and the journey takes about 40 minutes. There are also trains that go directly to Uppsala from Arlanda Airport.


There are no direct boat services to Uppsala, but you can take a boat from Stockholm to Uppsala via the picturesque waterways. The journey takes about 2.5 hours and tickets can be purchased online.


The best way to get to Uppsala by bus is to take the Flixbus from Stockholm. The journey takes about 1 hour and buses run frequently throughout the day.

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