Cádiz Travel Plans

Cádiz, the city that's older than your grandparents, but cooler than your hipster cousin. It's basically the Betty White of cities.

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How to get to Cádiz


The best way to get to Cádiz by plane is to fly to Jerez Airport and then take a taxi or the train from the airport to Cádiz. Some airlines that fly to Jerez include Ryanair, Iberia, and Vueling.


Driving to Cádiz is relatively easy and there are several highways that connect to the city. From Seville, take the A-4 and then the AP-4 towards Cádiz. From Malaga, take the A-7 and then the AP-7 towards Cádiz. However, driving in the city can be challenging due to narrow streets and lack of parking.


There are several train stations in Cádiz, but the most convenient one for most travelers is the Cádiz station. There are direct trains from Madrid, Seville, and other cities in Andalusia to Cádiz.


There are several ferries that operate between Cádiz and North Africa. One option is to take the ferry from Tangier in Morocco to Tarifa and then drive or take a bus to Cádiz. Some companies that operate the ferry route include FRS, Trasmediterránea, and Balearia.


The easiest way to get to Cádiz by bus is to take a bus from Seville or Malaga. The bus station in Seville is located near the Santa Justa train station, while the bus station in Malaga is located near the train station as well. Some companies that operate in Andalusia include Alsa, Socibus, and Comes.

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