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Welcome to the city where Polish industrial vibes meet quirky attractions - Chorzów, the perfect destination for those who love mixing fun with history!

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How to get to Chorzów


The best way to get to Chorzów, Poland by plane is to fly into Katowice International Airport and then take a taxi or train to Chorzów.


Driving a car to Chorzów is possible as there are several highways that connect the city to the rest of Poland. However, it's important to keep in mind that traffic in major cities like Warsaw and Krakow can be heavy at times.


There is a train station in Chorzów called Chorzów Miasto, which can be reached from major cities in Poland like Warsaw or Krakow.


There are no boat routes to Chorzów as it is an inland city and is located far from any major bodies of water.


Taking a bus to Chorzów is a convenient option if you are traveling within Poland. Polski Bus and Flixbus are popular bus companies that run routes to Chorzów.

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