Elbląg Travel Plans

Welcome to the city of Elbląg, where canals flow through the streets and the singing bridges are enough to make any Disney princess jealous. Just be sure to wear your waterproof shoes, because sometimes the streets can be a little too aquatic for comfort.

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How to get to Elbląg


The best way to get to Elbląg by plane is to fly into Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport and then take a train or bus to Elbląg.


The easiest way to get to Elbląg by car is to take the A1 highway from Gdańsk and exit at Elbląg.


There are several train stations in Elbląg, but the best option is to take a train to Malbork and then transfer to another train to Elbląg.


Although Elbląg is located on a river, there are no regular boat services that connect it to other cities. However, it is possible to take a boat tour on the Elbląg Canal, which is a unique way to explore the area.


There are several bus companies that offer direct routes to Elbląg from various cities in Poland. The best option is to check PolskiBus or FlixBus for schedules and prices.

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