Forlì Travel Plans

Nestled between rolling hills and surrounded by vineyards, Forlì is a charming town that's far from the cornfields of Iowa. And with a history dating back to ancient times, it's the perfect place to discover the joys of Italian life without the hustle and bustle of its big cities.

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How to get to Forlì


The best way to get to Forlì by plane is to fly to Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport and then take a direct train to Forlì. The journey from the airport to Forlì takes roughly an hour and a half.


Driving to Forlì is straightforward, with good road connections to major cities such as Bologna, Florence, and Ravenna. The E45 and A14 highways both run near Forlì, making it easily accessible from several directions.


Forlì can be easily reached by train, with its train station located in the city center. There are direct trains from major cities such as Florence, Bologna, and Rome. Depending on your location, catching a connecting train from nearby stations may be necessary.


Unfortunately, Forlì does not have a port, making this an unsuitable choice of transport. Those traveling by sea may dock at nearby ports such as Ravenna or Rimini and then take transport to Forlì from there.


For those traveling by bus, the Flixbus and Baltour companies both provide frequent and affordable services to Forlì from various cities across Italy. The bus station in Forlì is situated in the city center.

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