Leganés Travel Plans

If you're in the mood for a good pun, Leganés is the perfect destination to leg-an-ease into your Spanish adventure. Don't let the name fool you, this town may be small, but it's mighty in culture and charm.

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How to get to Leganés


The best way to get to Leganés by plane is to fly into Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport and then take the Cercanías train to Leganés station.


The best way to get to Leganés by car is to take the A-42 motorway from Madrid. This will take you directly to Leganés and it takes about 20 minutes. Once you reach the city, there are several parking lots available for visitors.


There are several high-speed trains that stop at Leganés station, making it easy to arrive in the city. The best way to get to Leganés by train is to take the AVE high-speed train from Madrid.


Unfortunately, there is no direct boat transport to Leganés as it is an inland city. However, there are several ports in nearby cities such as Valencia and Barcelona where you can dock your boat and then take a train, bus, or car to Leganés.


If you are coming from Madrid, the best way to get to Leganés is by taking the bus from Méndez Álvaro bus station. The bus takes about 30 minutes and drops you off in the center of Leganés.

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