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Welcome to the city that boasts more beaches than you can shake a sand covered towel at, and more sunshine than a literal ray of sunshine. Málaga, where sun, sea, and sangria flow freely.

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15 perfect restaurants in Málaga, Spain

Welcome to Málaga, where the sun kisses your face and the paella tickles your taste buds! If you're looking for a gastronomical delight, fear not, for we have scoured the city only to bring you the crème de la crème of dining establishments. From heavenly tapas at El Chinitas to mind-blowing seafood at El Tintero, prepare to embark on a culinary adventure that will leave your stomach and funny bone equally satisfied. Bon appétit, or as they say here, ¡buen provecho!

Best 20 things to do in Málaga, Spain

Looking to have a blast in Málaga? Well, prepare to tickle your taste buds by indulging in endless rounds of tapas hopping! From fresh seafood to tantalizing Iberian ham, this city knows how to keep your stomach happy. If you’re in need of a cultural fix, don't miss the Picasso Museum, where you'll find more Picasso paintings than the artist had mustaches (and believe us, that’s a lot). And finally, for a truly unforgettable experience, grab your sunscreen and take a stroll along the vibrant beaches where sunbathers compete for the most creative sandcastle award. Whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or just a beach bum, Málaga has got you covered!

The very best 12 nightlife spots in Málaga, Spain

Welcome to Málaga, where the sun-soaked days seem to merge effortlessly into the vibrant nights. As the stars begin to twinkle overhead, join the party at La Malagueta Beach, where beach bums and party animals unite under the moonlight. For a taste of the exotic, head to Sala Gold, a nightclub dripping in opulence that's rumored to have a secret passage to a hidden tequila cellar - because sometimes, one shot just isn't enough. Finally, wind up your nocturnal adventure at El Pimpi, a charming wine bar dating back to the dawn of time (or so it seems). Raise a glass, make new friends, and embrace the unpredictable energy that makes Málaga's nightlife truly unforgettable.

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How to get to Málaga


The best way to get to Málaga, Spain by plane is to fly to Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport. There are direct flights available from major airports around the world.


To get to Málaga, Spain by car, the fastest route is to take the A-7 motorway from Madrid. The journey takes around 5 hours and passes through some stunning scenery along the way.


To get to Málaga, Spain by train, the best option is to take a high-speed train (AVE) from Madrid to Málaga Maria Zambrano Train Station. The journey takes around 2.5 hours and there are several trains per day.


There are no direct boat routes to Málaga, Spain. However, visitors can take a ferry from Tangier, Morocco to Algeciras and then drive or take a train to Málaga. The journey by boat takes around 2 hours and there are several ferry companies that operate this route.


The best way to get to Málaga, Spain by bus is to take a coach from Madrid to Málaga Bus Station. There are several companies that operate this route and the journey takes around 6 hours, depending on traffic and stops along the way.

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