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Welcome to a city so cool, even the Ń in its name has a hat. Poznań, where centuries of history meet modern-day fun with a side of delicious pierogi.

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Poznań Pandemonium: The Ultimate Family Adventure

Poznań, Poland offers a perfect destination for a family-friendly trip with its rich history, vibrant culture, and numerous attractions suitable for all ages. Explore the heart of the city in Poznań Old Town, where you can marvel at the colorful Renaissance buildings, visit the famous Poznań Town Hall, and experience the lively atmosphere of the Old Market Square. Children will love the interactive exhibits at the Poznań Croissant Museum, while the whole family can enjoy a fun-filled day at the Malta Park, which features a zoo, water park, and thrilling amusement rides.

Poznań: A Whimsical Family Adventure on a Budget

Poznań, Poland offers a delightful destination for a family-friendly trip with its abundant attractions and activities. Explore the city's historic Old Town and marvel at the colorful Renaissance-style buildings, then head to the popular Malta Lake where you can enjoy water sports, amusement park rides, and even a zoo. Don't miss the interactive Archdiocesan Museum, perfect for engaging kids with its art and history exhibits, making Poznań an ideal destination for a memorable family adventure.

Poznań, Poland: 3 Days of Colorful Adventure

Poznań, Poland offers a wonderful destination for a family-friendly trip, packed with history, culture, and fun activities for all ages. Take a stroll through the charming Old Town Square to admire colorful merchant houses and the iconic Town Hall, then indulge in delicious traditional Polish cuisine at one of the many family-friendly restaurants nearby. Plan a visit to the Croissant Museum, where kids can learn about the traditional art of making croissants and even try their hand at baking their own.

How to get to Poznań


The best way to get to Poznań by plane is to fly into Poznań-Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport which is located about 7 kilometers west of the city center.


If you are driving, the A2 motorway connects Poznań with Warsaw and Berlin. The city center can be reached via several major roads such as ul. Głogowska, ul. Wawrzyniaka, ul. Grunwaldzka, and ul. Dąbrowskiego.


You can take a train from Warsaw or Berlin to Poznań which takes around four hours. The main station, Poznań Główny, is located in the city center.


Poznań is not accessible by boat as it is located inland with no direct connection to the sea.


Buses from major cities in Poland and Europe arrive at the Poznań Central Bus Station which is located near the city center.

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