Tromsø Travel Plans

Welcome to the land of midnight sun, where your watch becomes completely useless and you start wondering if you are living in an endless time loop. Yes, we are talking about Tromsø, the city that experiences daylight 24/7 during summers.

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The best 10 cafes in Tromsø, Norway

Welcome to Tromsø, the northernmost city in Norway, where you can warm up with a steaming cup of coffee amidst the magnificent Arctic scenery. If you're on the search for a caffeine-fix, fear not! Our quirky little guide has crawled through the fjords and climbed snowy mountains to bring you the top 10 cafes that will make your taste buds dance like a reindeer chasing the Northern Lights. From cozy igloos serving heavenly pastries to hipster hangouts offering yodel-worthy lattes, Tromsø has it all. So grab your parka, put on your fuzzy hat, and get ready for a bean adventure like no other!

Best 20 things to do in Tromsø, Norway

Welcome to Tromsø, the land of breathtaking landscapes and questionable weather! If you find yourself here, fear not, for we have compiled the ultimate guide to keep you entertained. Seek out the elusive Northern Lights and dance along to their shimmering disco in the night sky. Take a husky sledding adventure, and let those adorable furry friends lead you through the snow-covered wonderland while you ponder if your driving skills are more "Mush!" or "Help, I'm going too fast!" Finally, if you're feeling daring, brave the chilly waters and take a dip in the Arctic Ocean. It's like a polar plunge, but with colder water and extra ice cubes. Good luck and may the weather be ever in your favor!

15 perfect restaurants in Tromsø, Norway

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds in the Arctic wonderland of Tromsø, where culinary delights are as abundant as snowflakes! From reindeer burgers to fresh seafood caught straight from the icy fjords, this quirky town offers an array of gastronomic treats. Indulge in hearty reindeer stew at the rustic Arctic Café, savor exquisite sushi with a breathtaking view at the aptly named Fjord Fusion, or embark on a culinary adventure at the eccentric Bearded Clam, where local flavors collide with international cuisine. Tromsø truly has something for every palate, whether you're a foodie or just ready to devour some seriously scrumptious cuisine!

The very best 12 nightlife spots in Tromsø, Norway

Welcome to Tromsø, where the midnight sun meets the vibrant nights! Prepare to thaw out those dancing feet in the coolest Arctic party town. Our article reveals the top 12 hotspots that will leave you pining for more polar fun - from ice-themed cocktail bars to husky-friendly discos, this city has something wild for everyone. So grab your parka and set forth on a nocturnal adventure through Tromsø's infectious energy and velvet darkness.

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How to get to Tromsø


The best way to get to Tromsø by plane is to fly into Tromsø Airport (TOS) which has direct flights from major cities in Norway such as Oslo and Bergen, as well as international cities such as London and Helsinki.


Driving to Tromsø is possible but can be challenging due to the long distance and weather conditions in northern Norway. The E6 highway connects to Tromsø, but it is recommended to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and be prepared for snow and icy conditions.


Unfortunately, there are no direct trains to Tromsø due to its location in the far north of Norway. The closest train station is in Fauske, but a bus or car would then be necessary to get to Tromsø.


Tromsø can be reached by boat from some coastal towns in northern Norway such as Harstad and Svolvær. The Hurtigruten coastal ferry service also stops in Tromsø on its route along the coast of Norway.


The best way to get to Tromsø by bus is to take a coach from Oslo or Narvik, both of which have direct bus connections to Tromsø. The journey from Oslo takes around 24 hours and from Narvik around 5 hours.

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