Best 20 things to do in Kraków, Poland

Are you ready for an adventure in the fascinating city of Kraków? This guide will unveil the 20 absolute must-do activities that will make your jaw drop and your heart race with excitement. From exploring the medieval wonders of Wawel Castle to indulging in heavenly pierogies at hidden local eateries, you'll have a whirlwind of experiences that will leave you questioning why you didn't visit sooner. So grab your camera, polish your best dancing shoes, and prepare for a wild ride through the captivating streets of Kraków!

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1. Kraków Barbican

4.6 (4622)

Basztowa, 30-547 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to the charming city of Kraków, where you can discover the medieval marvel that is the Kraków Barbican. Nestled within the city walls like a giant stone donut, this architectural gem will give you a taste of what life was like in the olden days – and no, I'm not talking about using carrier pigeons for communication! With its impressive brick towers and fortress-like structure, the Barbican stands as if it's saying, "Don't mess with me, I've withstood everything from invasions to selfie sticks!" So, put on your time-traveling shoes and prepare to be transported back in time at this quirky yet magnificent attraction.

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2. Main Market Square

4.8 (141287)

Rynek Główny, 31-422 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Main Market Square in Kraków, the epicenter of all things lively, historic, and downright charming! Soak in the delightful chaos of horse-drawn carriages zigzagging through selfie-taking tourists, as locals sip on their coffees at countless outdoor cafes. Marvel at the awe-inspiring St. Mary's Basilica, a church so magnificent, it would make even the most hardened of sinners consider a career change to become an architect.

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3. Kazimierz District

Kazimierz, Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Kazimierz District, where history meets hipsters and vodka flows like the Vistula River! This vibrant neighborhood in Kraków is a melting pot of quirky cafes, vintage boutiques, and medieval charm. Explore the streets that have seen it all, from Jewish heritage to trendy bars, and don't forget to brush up on your Yiddish before engaging in the heated debates about which pierogi joint reigns supreme.

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4. National Museum in Kraków

4.5 (10009)

al. 3 Maja 1, 30-062 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to the National Museum in Kraków, where art and history come together in a swirling vortex of culture...and museum snacks. Seriously, no trip here is complete without trying their world-renowned "Mona Lisa-shaped" pretzels. As you wander through the exhibits, you'll discover treasures that will make you say, "Wait, were my ancestors secretly art collectors?" It's a museum experience that will leave you inspired, enlightened, and ready for a mandatory selfie with the resident dinosaur skeleton.

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5. Wawel Cathedral

4.8 (27543)

Wawel 3, 31-001 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Wawel Cathedral, a marvelous masterpiece that makes mere words stumble in awe! Prepare to be blown away by its towering spires, majestic chapels, and a mish-mash of architectural styles that somehow manages to look charmingly eccentric. Inside, you'll find tombs of kings and queens, who must have had a good laugh when deciding to build a mighty cathedral on a hill – because, let's be honest, climbing all those steps can leave you questioning their sense of humor.

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6. Planty Park

4.7 (19631)

31-041 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Planty Park, where you can experience nature without actually leaving the city. This whimsical green oasis wraps itself around Kraków's Old Town, like a giant, leafy hug from Mother Nature herself. With its lush gardens, charming pathways, and hidden nooks, it's the perfect place to take a break from sightseeing, regain your energy, and maybe even challenge a squirrel to a game of hide-and-seek.

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7. Rynek Underground

4.5 (7141)

Rynek Główny 1, 31-042 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Rynek Underground in Kraków, where you can experience the city's rich history without the need for time travel or a cranky tour guide. This quirky underground museum offers a behind-the-scenes peek at what Kraków looked like in its heyday, complete with medieval market stalls and mysterious artifacts. It's like a real-life history lesson, minus the boring textbooks and sleep-inducing lectures. Enjoy exploring this subterranean wonderland while trying not to bump into fellow travelers who are just as clueless about the exhibits as you are!

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8. Jewish Quarter

4.6 (8292)

Szeroka 20, 31-053 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to the Jewish Quarter in Kraków, where history and culture intertwine like an overenthusiastic game of Jewish geography. Stroll through the enchanting streets riddled with colorful buildings, hipster coffee shops, and more yarmulkes than you can shake a matzo ball at. Don't miss the iconic Remuh Synagogue, where you can ponder the meaning of life while simultaneously trying to pronounce its name correctly.

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9. St. Mary's Basilica

4.7 (14498)

plac Mariacki 5, 31-042 Kraków, Poland

If you're in the mood for some holy happenings mixed with a dash of dazzling beauty, head over to St. Mary's Basilica in Kraków. This architectural gem has all the charm of a medieval fairytale, complete with enchanting towers and intricately carved Gothic details. But wait, there's more! Be sure to stick around until noon to experience the amazing bugle call that leaves everyone wondering if the town is under attack or just has a really disorganized orchestra.

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10. Kościuszko Mound

4.6 (18324)

al. Waszyngtona 1, 30-204 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Kościuszko Mound, Kraków's answer to "why walk when you can conquer a hill?" This impressive mound is a clever way to remember Tadeusz Kościuszko, a national hero so beloved that they created a whole hillock in his honor. Climb to the summit (and pretend you're on a heroic quest) for breathtaking panoramic views of the city, while secretly hoping for a conveniently placed ice cream stand along the way.

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11. Oskar Schindler's Factory

4.5 (18446)

Lipowa 4, 30-702 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Oskar Schindler's Factory in striking Kraków, where history and wit collide! This expansive complex, now transformed into a museum, offers an enlightening and unique experience. As you explore, immerse yourself in the stories of those whose lives were forever affected by the courageous deeds of Herr Schindler, all while trying your best not to mistake any artifacts for souvenirs – they tend to frown upon that.

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12. Old Town

Stare Miasto, Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Old Town in Kraków, where centuries of history mingle with hipster cafes and selfie-crazed tourists. Get ready to be awe-inspired by the stunning beauty of the Main Market Square, which is so amazing that it could give any other square an inferiority complex. Don't forget to stop by the iconic Sukiennice Cloth Hall, where you can shop for traditional Polish crafts and pretend you're a medieval merchant, only without the hygiene problems.

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13. Błonia Park

4.7 (6904)

33-332 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Błonia Park, Kraków's go-to spot for an array of activities and adventures that might not include your traditional park experience. Get ready to test your agility as you navigate a maze of frisbee enthusiasts, roller-skating daredevils, and picnickers who seem entirely too keen on world record-breaking sandwich towers. Don't forget to protect your ankles from the strategically hidden potholes – a pleasant surprise awaits the most unaware visitors!

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14. Collegium Maius

4.7 (678)

Jagiellońska 15, 31-010 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Collegium Maius, Kraków's oldest and quirkiest university building! Here, the walls are as ancient as knowledge itself, but don't let the dust fool you—the treasures within are worth braving the sneeze-inducing air. Step inside the architectural delight and prepare for a journey through time as you explore the birthplace of countless scholars, and the occasional spider, in this finest of spider-friendly institutions.

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15. Wawel Castle

4.6 (362)

Zamek Wawel, 30-001 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Wawel Castle, where history comes alive like an eager tourist spotting a McDonald's in a foreign land! Step into this majestic fortress towering over Kraków like a tired parent trying to control a rowdy toddler. Brace yourself to be mesmerized by the grandeur of the castle's architectural blend, like a mismatched outfit worn by someone who couldn't decide whether to dress for a medieval banquet or a wedding reception. So, grab your imaginary feathered hat and be prepared for a journey through time that will surely leave you in awe (or at least really hungry for a Big Mac).

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16. Wieliczka Salt Mine

4.6 (21231)

Daniłowicza 10, 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland

Nestled in the magnificent city of Kraków, lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine, an underground wonderland that will leave you feeling salty in the best possible way. Prepare to descend into the depths of awesomeness as you explore this salt-filled labyrinth, where even the walls are seasoned to perfection. With its stunning chambers, captivating statues carved out of good ol' salt, and an underground lake that will make you want to dive right in, this mine is a must-visit for all salty adventurers.

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17. Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta, Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Nowa Huta, a neighborhood in Kraków that is as charming as it sounds! Here, you will find a delightful blend of architectural Soviet-era goodness mixed with a touch of whimsical Polish culture. Take a leisurely stroll and let the imposing concrete buildings colonize your Instagram feed, while the lovely locals regale you with tales of their heroic struggle to have a church built in this oh-so-secular paradise. Don't forget to try some pierogi nearby; their dumpling greatness is practically a religion in these parts!

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18. Cloth Hall

4.7 (11176)

Rynek Główny 1/3, 31-042 Kraków, Poland

Nestled in the heart of Kraków's vibrant Main Market Square, the Cloth Hall is an architectural juggler that literally balances centuries of trading history on its back. This magnificent Renaissance building stands tall, proudly showcasing its impeccable fashion sense with an eclectic mishmash of Gothic and Baroque styles. Stroll through its stalls and you'll feel like a time-traveling shopaholic, browsing an old-world mall that somehow managed to survive the rise of online shopping.

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19. St. Florian's Gate

4.7 (10386)

30-001 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to St. Florian's Gate in Kraków, a historic marvel straight out of a fairytale! With its towering presence and Gothic charm, this gate is not just your average entrance - it's the gateway to a time-defying adventure. As you step into a world of cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture, be prepared to have your jaw drop and your selfie game go off the charts!

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20. Galeria Krakowska

4.4 (72966)

Pawia 5, 31-154 Kraków, Poland

Welcome to Galeria Krakowska, where shopaholics can satisfy their cravings and wallets can shed tears. This colossal shopping behemoth in the heart of Kraków offers an exquisite blend of fashion, food, and frenzy all under one roof. Beware, though, as finding your way out might require a GPS and an advanced degree in maze navigation.

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How to get there


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by plane is to fly into John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, which is located about 11 kilometers from the city center.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by car is to follow the A4 motorway, which connects the city with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Wrocław. It's worth noting that parking in the city center can be difficult and expensive, so it's recommended to park outside the city and use public transportation to get around.


Kraków has its own train station, Kraków Główny, which is located in the city center and is well-connected with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Gdańsk.


Kraków is not accessible by boat as it is located inland and does not have any navigable rivers or canals. The closest port city is Gdańsk, which is located on the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry or cruise ship.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by bus is to take one of the many domestic or international bus services that arrive at Kraków Bus Station. The station is located close to the city center and is well-served by local transportation.

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