Augsburg Travel Plans

Looking for a city that's charming, historic, and has a name that's fun to say? Look no further than the Awkwardburg - I mean, Augsburg!

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How to get to Augsburg


The easiest way to get to Augsburg by plane is to fly into Munich Airport and then take a direct train from Munich Airport Train Station to Augsburg Central Station. It takes about 40 minutes by train.


If you prefer to drive, you can get to Augsburg on the A8 Autobahn or the B17 Bundesstraße. Traffic can be heavy during peak hours, so plan accordingly.


If you are already in Germany, you can take a train to Augsburg from any major city. Augsburg Hauptbahnhof is the central train station in the city and has connections from many places throughout Germany.


Unfortunately, there is no way to get to Augsburg by boat as it isn't located near any major bodies of water.


Taking a bus to Augsburg is easy and affordable from many nearby cities. Flixbus and Eurolines have daily connections to Augsburg from cities like Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt.

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