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Welcome to a city where the potatoes are more famous than the people! Don't worry though, there's plenty of other things to do in Boise City besides digging for spuds.

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How to get to Boise City


The best way to get to Boise City by plane is to fly into Boise Airport, which has connections from major US cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago.


The most direct route to Boise City by car is via Interstate 84 from cities such as Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah.


There is no train station in Boise City, so the best way to get there by train is to take Amtrak to nearby cities such as Spokane or Salt Lake City, then drive or take a bus the rest of the way.


There are no navigable waterways directly to Boise City, as it is located inland, far from any large bodies of water.


Greyhound and other companies offer bus service to Boise City from cities such as Portland and Salt Lake City, with stops at the Boise Bus Depot downtown.

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