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Welcome to a town that's often unfairly overshadowed by its infamous namesake, but don't worry, we promise this Bolton won't be a political nightmare!

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1 days

Bolton Bound: A Day Trip Full of Charm

As a tourist, a trip to Bolton in the United Kingdom would involve exploring its historic landmarks and cultural attractions. Visitors can visit the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, the Octagon Theatre, the Bolton Market, and the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre. The town also offers beautiful parks, gardens, and nature reserves such as Leverhulme Park and Jumbles Country Park for visitors to relax and appreciate nature.

2 days

Weekend Adventure: Exploring Vibrant Bolton, UK

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene. A visit to Bolton offers a range of attractions such as the stunning surroundings of the West Pennine Moors, the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery showcasing a vast collection of artifacts and paintings, and the stunning view of the town from the top of the iconic Rivington Pike. Tourists can also enjoy shopping at the Crompton Place Shopping Centre and indulge in various dining options available in the town.

3 days

Escape to Bolton: A 3-Day Adventure

As a tourist, visiting Bolton, United Kingdom could be an ideal getaway for a peaceful and historic experience. Enjoy a visit to the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery that houses the largest collection of art from northern England or explore the wonderful Smithills Hall, a historic mansion from the 14th century.The quaint market town of Bolton offers a diverse range of high street shops, restaurants and cafes that add to its touring flexibility.

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How to get to Bolton


The best way to get to Bolton, United Kingdom by plane is to fly into Manchester Airport and then take a train or bus to Bolton. There are several airlines that fly to Manchester Airport from all over the world, including British Airways, Delta, and Emirates.


The best way to get to Bolton, United Kingdom by car is to take the M60 and M61 motorways from Manchester. The journey takes around 30 minutes depending on traffic. You can also drive from Liverpool or other nearby cities.


The best way to get to Bolton, United Kingdom by train is to take a train from London Euston station to Bolton station. The journey takes around two hours and there are several trains per day. You can also take a train from other cities such as Manchester or Liverpool.


There is no direct way to get to Bolton, United Kingdom by boat as the town is inland. However, you can take a ferry from Dublin or Belfast to Liverpool and then drive or take public transport to Bolton.


The best way to get to Bolton, United Kingdom by bus is to take a Megabus or National Express coach from London or Manchester. Both companies run services to Bolton several times a day and the journey takes around 4 hours from London and 90 minutes from Manchester.

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