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Welcome to a city where the architecture is so impressive, you'll feel like a tiny bug staring at a giant sandcastle. Burgos: Where even the pigeons look fancy.

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How to get to Burgos


The best way to get to Burgos by plane is to fly into Burgos Airport and then take a taxi or bus to the city center.


Driving to Burgos is a great way to explore the Spanish countryside, with major highways connecting the city to other destinations. It is recommended to rent a car to ensure flexibility and ease of travel.


There are multiple trains that run between major cities in Spain and Burgos, with the main station being Burgos Rosa de Lima. It is best to book tickets in advance to ensure availability and lower prices.


Burgos is not accessible by boat as it is an inland city and does not have access to any major bodies of water.


Taking a bus to Burgos is a convenient and economical option, with numerous bus companies offering service to the city. The main bus station in Burgos is Estación de Autobuses de Burgos.

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