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Nestled in the heart of Europe lies a hidden gem known as The City of Smiling Trams (probably because they always get the right of way). If you find yourself here, don't overlook the surprisingly vibrant nightlife and pierogi scene.

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Bydgoszcz Bliss: A Fun-Filled Family Day Trip

Bydgoszcz, Poland offers a wonderful family-friendly trip with its charming and picturesque attractions. Start your adventure by exploring the scenic Mill Island, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the river, visit interactive museums and admire beautifully restored historic buildings. For a fun-filled day, head to Bydgoszcz Zoo, home to various animal species, or have a thrilling time at the Aquapark, featuring exciting water slides and pools to keep everyone entertained.

Bydgoszcz, Poland: The Ultimate 2-Day Family Adventure!

Bydgoszcz, Poland offers a fantastic destination for a family-friendly trip with an array of attractions suitable for all ages. Start your adventure by exploring the charming Old Town with its colorful buildings, cobbled streets, and beautiful parks, perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics. Enjoy the family-friendly entertainment options, such as the city's modern zoo, charming amusement parks, and engaging science centers, ensuring an exciting experience for everyone.

Bydgoszcz Bliss: The Ultimate 3-Day Family Adventure!

Bydgoszcz, Poland is a delightful destination for a family-friendly trip, filled with an array of activities sure to enchant both children and adults. The city offers numerous attractions including the breathtaking Old Town, where families can enjoy exploring its charming streets and magnificent architecture. Additionally, families can visit the delightful Bydgoszcz Zoo or take a scenic boat ride along the beautiful Brda River, creating unforgettable memories for all.

How to get to Bydgoszcz


The best way to get to Bydgoszcz by plane is to fly into Bydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Paderewski Airport, which is located just outside the city center. Flights from major European cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin are available from airlines like Ryanair and Wizz Air.


If you are driving to Bydgoszcz, the best way is to take the A1 motorway, which connects the city to Warsaw, Gdansk, and other major Polish cities. The journey from Warsaw takes around three hours, while the journey from Gdansk takes around two.


Bydgoszcz is connected to major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Gdansk by train. The best way to get to Bydgoszcz by train is to take a direct train from Warsaw Central Station. The journey takes around three hours and there are several trains per day. Alternatively, you can take a train from Gdansk or Poznan and change trains at the main Bydgoszcz station.


Unfortunately, there are no boat services that operate to Bydgoszcz. However, the city does have a marina for small private boats, which is located on the Brda River in the city center.


There are several bus companies that operate services to Bydgoszcz from major Polish cities. The best way to get to Bydgoszcz by bus is to take a service from Warsaw or Gdansk. Flixbus is one of the most popular companies that operates services to Bydgoszcz.

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