Bytom Travel Plans

Welcome to a city where the past meets the future, and the only thing more confusing than the language is trying to figure out how to hail a taxi. Get ready to explore Bytom, where the streets are lined with history and the pierogies are filled with deliciousness.

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How to get to Bytom


The best way to get to Bytom, Poland by plane is to fly into Katowice International Airport and then take a 25-minute taxi or train ride to Bytom.


Driving is also an option to get to Bytom, and the best route is via the A4 motorway from Krakow, which takes about 1.5 hours.


There are several options to get to Bytom by train depending on the starting point, but one option is to take a train from Krakow to Katowice and then transfer to a train to Bytom.


Unfortunately, Bytom is not accessible by boat as Poland is landlocked and does not have direct access to the sea or major waterways.


The best way to get to Bytom by bus is to take a bus from Warsaw to Katowice and then transfer to a bus to Bytom, which takes about 3.5 hours.

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