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Welcome to the land of punting, nice accents, and the third-oldest university in the world (not that they like to brag). Get ready to be charmed by Cambridge!

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15 perfect restaurants in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Welcome to Cambridge, where your taste buds are about to be taken on a culinary journey! We've scoured the streets and sampled the flavors to bring you the 15 best restaurants in town. From gourmet burgers to Michelin-starred meals, this list has got it all. Whether you're after a cozy date night spot or a lively brunch venue, we've got you covered. So loosen your belt and prepare for a delicious adventure through the streets of Cambridge.

The very best 12 nightlife spots in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Welcome to Cambridge, the quaint university town that's full of life after dark! We've got you covered on the top 12 nightlife spots to party in style. From cozy pubs serving up the best local brews to trendy bars shaking up delicious cocktails, Cambridge has it all. Looking to rub elbows with the intellectual crowd? Check out the historic Eagle Pub, where Watson and Crick announced their discovery of the structure of DNA. Hoping to dance the night away? The Fez Club's got you covered with their top-notch DJs and funky beats. For a more refined evening, slip into one of the many wine bars scattered throughout the city. Cheers to a night out in Cambridge, where the fun never stops!

Best 20 things to do in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Are you ready to get lost in the charm of Cambridge? According to a recent article, there are 20 things you simply cannot miss while exploring this beautiful city. From punting in the River Cam, to indulging in some good old-fashioned people watching - Cambridge has got it all. Oh, and don't forget to visit the world-renowned University of Cambridge, where you can pretend to be a student for the day and walk through halls of academia (just don't get too carried away with your newfound intelligence).

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Cambridge: A Budget-Friendly Day Trip Adventure

Cambridge is a charming city known for its prestigious university, historic architecture, and tranquil waterways. While popular tourist attractions such as the colleges and Botanic Garden may require an entrance fee, visitors on a limited budget can still enjoy free activities such as punting on the River Cam, exploring the city’s markets and museums, and wandering the picturesque streets and parks. With affordable accommodation options such as youth hostels and budget hotels, a trip to Cambridge can be an enriching experience without breaking the bank.

Two days of budget-friendly fun in Cambridge

Cambridge is an ideal destination for budget travelers with its abundance of affordable accommodations, dining options, and free attractions such as museums, parks, and colleges. Visitors can explore the city's rich history and iconic landmarks such as the University of Cambridge, King's College Chapel, and the River Cam without breaking the bank. Taking advantage of local transportation options, such as cycling or the inexpensive bus system, will also help keep costs low.

Cheap & Cheerful: 3 Days in Cambridge

Explore the charming city of Cambridge on a limited budget with a variety of affordable options. Start your day by admiring the breathtaking architecture of the University of Cambridge and take a punt down the River Cam for a unique view of the city. End your day with a cozy dinner from one of the many affordable pubs in the city center.

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How to get to Cambridge


The best way to get to Cambridge by plane is to fly into London Stansted Airport and take the National Express coach service which goes directly to Cambridge city center. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes and the coach departs directly outside the airport terminal.


The most convenient way to reach Cambridge by car is by taking the M11 motorway which is directly linked to London. The city center can be accessed by taking either the A14 or A428 roads.


Cambridge has its own train station which has direct connections to major cities such as London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. It is quick and efficient to travel to Cambridge by train, with regular services available throughout the week.


Cambridge is not accessible by boat due to its inland location, however, there are a number of punting companies which offer tours along the River Cam which is a popular tourist attraction in the city.


The easiest way to get to Cambridge by bus is to take the National Express coach service from London Victoria station which departs every hour. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and arrives directly at Cambridge city center.

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