Cartagena Travel Plans

Welcome to a city where the colors are so vibrant, even the buildings seem to be in a permanent state of celebration. Get ready to dance, eat and explore your way through this sunny paradise.

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How to get to Cartagena


The best way to get to Cartagena, Spain by plane is to fly into Murcia-San Javier Airport and take a bus, taxi or car to Cartagena


The best way to get to Cartagena, Spain by car is to take the A-7 highway from Malaga or the AP-7 from Barcelona. The journey should take approximately 5 hours from Malaga and 7 hours from Barcelona


Although there is no direct train to Cartagena, you can take a high-speed train from Madrid to Murcia and then take a bus, taxi or car to Cartagena


Although there are no direct boats to Cartagena, you can take a ferry from Algeria to the nearby city of Almeria and then take a bus, taxi, or car to Cartagena.


You can take a bus from Madrid, Malaga, or Alicante to Cartagena. The bus station in Cartagena is Estacion de Autobuses de Cartagena

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