Chattanooga Travel Plans

Welcome to a city where the Southern charm is as sweet as the honey-baked biscuits. Get ready to experience a place where the mountains meet the river and where you can enjoy a cold soft drink (it was invented here!) while you stroll around its beautiful streets.

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How to get to Chattanooga


The best way to get to Chattanooga by plane would be to fly into Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.


The best way to get to Chattanooga by car is to take the I-75 or I-24 depending on your location of origin.


Although there are no direct train routes into Chattanooga, Amtrak does have routes into Atlanta or Nashville where you can then take a bus or car rental to Chattanooga.


Since Chattanooga is inland, there are no direct boat routes. However, there are various marinas along the Tennessee River where you can dock your boat and travel to Chattanooga by car or bus.


A popular bus company that travels to Chattanooga is Greyhound. They have a station located in downtown Chattanooga.

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