Clarksville Travel Plans

Welcome to a town where the local hobby is debating whether the perfect slice of toast is buttered-side up or buttered-side down. Oh, and there's also some nice scenery and history to explore in Clarksville.

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How to get to Clarksville


The best way to get to Clarksville is by flying into Nashville International Airport and then taking a shuttle or rental car to Clarksville. The airport is located about 52 miles from Clarksville and offers numerous flights from various locations.


The best way to get to Clarksville by car is to take I-24 W and exit at exit 4. Follow the signs to Clarksville. The drive time from Nashville is about one hour, depending on traffic.


Unfortunately, there is no train station in Clarksville.


There are no passenger boats that go to Clarksville. However, you can take a pontoon or fishing boat up the Cumberland River to Clarksville from Nashville. The journey takes about 3-4 hours and offers a scenic route to the city.


You can take the Greyhound bus to Clarksville from various cities. The bus station is located at 501 S Riverside Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040. Check the schedule for the best times and prices.

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