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This city may not be spelled like the perfume, but it sure does smell just as good. Get ready to experience Cologne, a place where your senses will be tickled in more ways than one.

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Best 20 things to do in Cologne, Germany

Welcome to Cologne, the city that's as charming as a fairytale and as buzzing as a bee in a lederhosen! If your senses are longing for adventure, fear not, for we bring you the crème de la crème of this wonderful city. First, don't let those whoops of laughter fool you, the Chocolate Museum is a delightful spot that takes you on a cocoa-infused journey like no other. Next up, climb the dizzying heights of the Cologne Cathedral, making sure you don't lose your breath or your underpants on the way. Lastly, grab your daring spirit and explore the rustic streets of the Belgian Quarter, where funky shops, mouthwatering flavors, and hipster vibes will leave you saying "Guten Tag, Cologne!"

15 perfect restaurants in Cologne, Germany

Prepare your taste buds for a grand culinary adventure in the charming city of Cologne! From delightful local favorites to sophisticated dining experiences, this article unveils the 15 best restaurants in town. Whether you're longing for mouthwatering Schnitzels or craving avant-garde creations, Cologne has got you covered – just remember, do not attempt to eat your screen while reading this delicious guide!

The very best 12 nightlife spots in Cologne, Germany

Welcome to Cologne, the city that knows how to party! Prepare yourself for a wild night out as we unveil the best 12 nightlife spots in town. From lively beer gardens where you can cheers with the locals to quirky underground clubs that will make you question reality, Cologne has it all. So grab your dancing shoes, unleash your inner party animal, and let the night unfold in this vibrant city full of possibilities.

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How to get to Cologne


The best way to reach Cologne, Germany by plane is to fly into Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN). Many airlines offer direct flights to CGN from major cities in Europe and beyond.


Driving to Cologne is a great option as the city is well-connected to the rest of the country by the German autobahn. If you are driving from another country, you can take the A1 or A61 highways, which connect Cologne to the Netherlands and Belgium.


Getting to Cologne by train is easy as the city has one of the best train connections in Germany. Cologne's main station is Cologne Hauptbahnhof, which is located in the city center and serves both national and international destinations.


While there are no direct boat connections to Cologne, you can take a river cruise down the Rhine to nearby cities like Bonn or Düsseldorf and then take a train or bus to Cologne. Cologne also has a large port, the Rheinauhafen, where you can dock your boat and explore the city.


Traveling to Cologne by bus is an affordable option with many coach companies operating routes to the city. The main bus station in Cologne is the Cologne Central Bus Station (ZOB), located near the train station and the city center.

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