Discover Cologne's Charm in One Perfect Day

Experience the vibrant and historic city of Cologne in the heart of Germany.

22 April 2023

A trip to Cologne, Germany as a tourist would offer the chance to explore the city's rich history, with its stunning Gothic-style cathedral, Romanesque churches, and medieval Old Town. Visitors can sample delicious local cuisine, such as Kölsch beer and hearty sausages, at traditional beer halls and restaurants. The city is also famous for its lively carnivals and numerous cultural events throughout the year, making it a vibrant and exciting place to visit.

Day trip plan

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Cologne in One Day

  • Start the day with a visit to the iconic Cologne Cathedral one of Germany's most famous landmarks and enjoy stunning views from the top.
  • Take a stroll in the Old Town and explore the colorful streets lined with traditional German buildings, cafes, and shops.
  • Check out the Museum Ludwig and immerse yourself in contemporary art, including works by Picasso and Warhol.
  • Enjoy the picturesque views of Rhine River from the Hohenzollern Bridge and lock a love padlock on the fence for luck.
  • Satisfy your taste buds at Früh am Dom with their delicious traditional German dish, Haxen roasted pork knuckle and a pint of their famous Kölsch beer.
  • End the day with a visit to the Chocolate Museum and indulge in the world-famous chocolate made by Lindt, while learning about the history of chocolate making.
  • Cologne is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture, and it is possible to explore all its charms in just one day! Don't miss out on the chance to experience this iconic German city.

How to get there


The best way to reach Cologne, Germany by plane is to fly into Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN). Many airlines offer direct flights to CGN from major cities in Europe and beyond.


Driving to Cologne is a great option as the city is well-connected to the rest of the country by the German autobahn. If you are driving from another country, you can take the A1 or A61 highways, which connect Cologne to the Netherlands and Belgium.


Getting to Cologne by train is easy as the city has one of the best train connections in Germany. Cologne's main station is Cologne Hauptbahnhof, which is located in the city center and serves both national and international destinations.


While there are no direct boat connections to Cologne, you can take a river cruise down the Rhine to nearby cities like Bonn or Düsseldorf and then take a train or bus to Cologne. Cologne also has a large port, the Rheinauhafen, where you can dock your boat and explore the city.


Traveling to Cologne by bus is an affordable option with many coach companies operating routes to the city. The main bus station in Cologne is the Cologne Central Bus Station (ZOB), located near the train station and the city center.

More travel plans

The Fantastic Family Day Trip to Cologne, Germany

A family friendly trip to Cologne, Germany offers a diverse range of activities for all ages. Visitors can explore the picturesque Old Town and marvel at the iconic Cologne Cathedral, which offers panoramic views of the city. Additionally, families can enjoy a visit to the Chocolate Museum, take boat tours along the Rhine River, and visit the Cologne Zoo for an unforgettable wildlife encounter.

Weekend Getaway to Experience Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany offers a great mix of historical and modern attractions. A visit to the Cologne Cathedral is a must, followed by a stroll along the picturesque Rhine River. Beer lovers can indulge in the local brews and experience the lively nightlife scene in areas such as the famous Ehrenfeld and Belgisches Viertel neighborhoods.

Cologne Carnival: A Whimsical 3-Day Family Adventure!

A family friendly trip to Cologne, Germany offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and amusement. Start your journey by exploring the iconic Cologne Cathedral, a stunning masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Immerse your kids in a fun-filled day at the Chocolate Museum, where they can learn about the history of chocolate and even create their own personalized bars. Wrap up the trip by strolling along the vibrant Rhine River promenade and enjoy the lively atmosphere, street performances, and stunning views of the city.

Cologne, Baby! The Ultimate 4-Day Family Adventure Guide

Cologne, Germany offers a perfect destination for a family-friendly trip, blending history with modern attractions. Visit the iconic Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which towers above the city and offers breathtaking views from its observation deck. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Rhine River, explore the Chocolate Museum, and indulge in tasty local treats while embracing the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this charming city.