Dos Hermanas Travel Plans

Located just south of a city you've probably heard of, Dos Hermanas is like the lesser-known sibling that secretly has all the charm and personality. And no, it's not a Mexican telenovela, it's a real place.

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How to get to Dos Hermanas


The best way to get to Dos Hermanas, Spain by plane is to fly into Seville Airport and take a taxi or public transport to the town.


The best way to get to Dos Hermanas is to drive or rent a car from Seville. The journey usually takes 20-30 minutes depending on the route and traffic conditions.


Although there is no train station in Dos Hermanas, visitors can take a train to Seville Santa Justa station and then transfer to a bus or a taxi to reach Dos Hermanas.


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to reach Dos Hermanas by boat as it is located inland. Visitors coming via boat must dock at a port on the coast and travel to Dos Hermanas by land transport.


Travelers can reach Dos Hermanas through various Inter-City buses from Madrid, Malaga, and other major cities in Spain.

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