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Looking for a city with a name that sounds like a sneeze? Then Erfurt is the place for you! But don't let the name scare you away, this charming town has plenty to offer.

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How to get to Erfurt


The best way to get to Erfurt, Germany by plane is to fly into Erfurt-Weimar Airport (ERF) from major cities like Frankfurt, Munich, or Cologne. From the airport, you can catch a taxi or take the tram line 4 towards Bindersleben to reach Erfurt city center.


If you're driving to Erfurt, you can take the A4 autobahn from cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, or Munich. Depending on your starting point, it can take between 2 to 6 hours to reach Erfurt. Once you arrive, you can park your car at one of the many public parking facilities in the city center and explore the city on foot.


If you prefer traveling by train, you can take a high-speed Deutsche Bahn train from major cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, or Munich to Erfurt Hauptbahnhof. From there, you can take a local train or bus to reach your final destination.


Unfortunately, there are no direct boat connections to Erfurt, as the city is not located near any major waterway. However, you can take a riverboat tour along the nearby Saale river and admire the scenic landscape of Thuringia. The nearest port to Erfurt is located in Naumburg, which is about 50 km away.


Traveling by bus to Erfurt is also a viable option, especially if you're coming from within Germany or neighboring countries. There are regular bus services from cities like Berlin, Dresden, or Prague, which arrive at Erfurt's Central Bus Station. From there, you can take a taxi or public transport to reach your destination.

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