Erlangen Travel Plans

Welcome to a charming town known for its beautiful green spaces, delicious beer and a peculiar pronunciation that will have you saying Er-what? all day long.

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How to get to Erlangen


The best way to get to Erlangen by plane is to fly to Nuremberg Airport and then take a train from Nuremberg to Erlangen. There are direct flights to Nuremberg from major cities in Europe and the airport is only 19 km away from Erlangen.


To reach Erlangen by car, the best option is to take the A3 or A9 motorway, depending on where you are coming from. From Frankfurt, take the A3 towards Würzburg and then change onto the A73 towards Erlangen. From Munich, take the A9 towards Berlin and then the A3 towards Nuremberg.


One option to reach Erlangen by train is to take a high-speed ICE from Frankfurt to Nuremberg, which takes about two hours, and then change to a local train to Erlangen. Another option is to take a regional train from Munich to Erlangen, which takes about two hours and forty-five minutes.


There are no direct boat connections to Erlangen as it is located inland. However, you can take a boat trip along the Main-Danube Canal, which passes through Nuremberg about 15 km from Erlangen. From Nuremberg, you can take a train or bus to complete your journey to Erlangen.


There are several long-distance bus companies that operate routes to Erlangen from various cities in Germany and neighboring countries. Flixbus and Eurolines are two popular companies that offer multiple daily departures to Erlangen.

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