Ferrara Travel Plans

Unlike its more colorful cousins Venice and Florence, Ferrara is often overlooked by tourists seeking a more vibrant experience. But if you're in the mood for a charming, peaceful retreat that doesn't involve dodging selfie sticks, then welcome to Ferrara!

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How to get to Ferrara


The best way to get to Ferrara, Italy by plane is to fly into Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ) and then take a train from Bologna Centrale station to Ferrara.


The best way to get to Ferrara, Italy by car is to take the A13 motorway from Bologna to Padua and then take the Ferrara Sud exit.


The best way to get to Ferrara, Italy by train is to take a high-speed train from Rome Termini station to Bologna Centrale station, and then transfer to a regional train to Ferrara.


There is no direct way to get to Ferrara, Italy by boat as it is an inland city. The closest port is Venice, but it would require taking a bus or train from Venice to Ferrara.


The best way to get to Ferrara, Italy by bus is to take a coach from Milan Central Station to Ferrara bus station.

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