Frankfurt Travel Plans

Welcome to the city where sausages are king and banks are queen, where you can eat your weight in schnitzel and still have room for apple strudel. Yes, we're talking about the land of pretzels, beer, and bratwurst - Frankfurt!

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How to get to Frankfurt


The best way to get to Frankfurt, Germany by plane is to fly into Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Many major airlines have flights to this international airport, including Lufthansa, United Airlines, and Emirates.


If you're driving to Frankfurt, the best way to get there would be through the A5 autobahn, which leads directly to the city. You can also take the A3 or A66, which connect to the A5.


If you're looking to travel by train to Frankfurt, the best way to get there would be through the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Main Station). This large and busy station is located in the city center and serves many national and international routes.


While there is no way to travel directly to Frankfurt by boat, it's possible to take a river cruise on the Rhine or Main rivers. These cruises often stop in Frankfurt, and you can disembark at the Mainkai terminal to begin exploring the city.


Traveling by bus to Frankfurt is possible through many bus companies, including Flixbus and Eurolines. Both of these companies have routes that stop at Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof).

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