Gelsenkirchen Travel Plans

If you're looking for a place to practice your German, don't worry, you're not in the wrong city - welcome to Gelsenkirchen, where the language sounds just as harsh as the coal mines that once dominated its skyline. But don't let that scare you off, there's plenty of culture and quirkiness to discover in this Ruhrpott gem.

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Magical Adventures Await: A Day of Fun in Gelsenkirchen!

Gelsenkirchen, Germany offers a fantastic family-friendly trip with its wide range of attractions and activities. Explore the enchanting Zoom Erlebniswelt, a zoo where you can get up close with animals from around the world, or admire the stunning Schloss Horst, a picturesque castle surrounded by beautiful gardens perfect for a leisurely stroll. Additionally, don't miss the Veltins-Arena, home to the famous football club FC Schalke 04, where you can catch an exhilarating match or take a behind-the-scenes stadium tour.

Gelsenkirchen: From Exotic Creatures to Culinary Delights

Gelsenkirchen is a vibrant city in Germany that offers a fantastic family-friendly trip. Families can explore the picturesque ZOOM Erlebniswelt, a zoo with a wide variety of animals and interactive exhibits. Additionally, a visit to the Veltins-Arena, home to the renowned FC Schalke 04 football team, offers a chance to experience the excitement of a live sports event and enjoy the stadium's family-friendly facilities.

Gelsenkirchen, Germany: A Thrilling Family Adventure

Gelsenkirchen, Germany offers a wonderful family friendly trip with its numerous attractions and activities. Explore the remarkable ZOOM Erlebniswelt, a zoo that comprises three themed areas and lets children discover the animal kingdom up close. Additionally, the Veltins-Arena, home to FC Schalke 04, offers stadium tours that allow fans of all ages the chance to experience the thrills of a Bundesliga football stadium.

How to get to Gelsenkirchen


The best way to get to Gelsenkirchen, Germany by plane is to fly to Düsseldorf International Airport and then take a train from Düsseldorf Flughafen Station to Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof.


The best way to get to Gelsenkirchen, Germany by car is to drive on the A2 highway and take the exit to Gelsenkirchen.


The best way to get to Gelsenkirchen, Germany by train is to take a train to Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof, which is the main train station in the city.


There are no waterways that lead to Gelsenkirchen, Germany so traveling by boat is not an option.


The best way to get to Gelsenkirchen, Germany by bus is to take a coach from any major city in Germany to Gelsenkirchen Busbahnhof, which is the central bus station in the city.

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