Grenoble Travel Plans

Welcome to a city where cheese is revered, wine is savored, and the mountains are so beautiful that even the locals can't resist taking a selfie. Just be sure not to confuse the French language with the local dialect – or risk ordering snails instead of scallops at dinner.

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How to get to Grenoble


The best way to get to Grenoble via plane is to fly into Grenoble-Isère Airport. There are direct flights available from major European cities such as London, Amsterdam, and Paris.


Driving to Grenoble can be a great option for those who want to explore the beautiful French countryside. The A41 and A48 highways connect Grenoble to major cities like Lyon and Geneva. However, navigating through the narrow streets of the city center can be challenging for inexperienced drivers.


Traveling to Grenoble by train is also an option, with the Grenoble train station being the main hub for trains coming from major French cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille.


Grenoble is not accessible by boat as it is an inland city located in the French Alps. The closest major port cities are Marseille and Toulon, both of which are located on the Mediterranean coast.


Taking a bus to Grenoble is a cost-effective option, with bus companies like Eurolines and Flixbus offering direct routes from major European cities like Barcelona and Milan.

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