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Welcome to the quaint town of Hagen, where the people are friendly and the cows outnumber the tourists. Don't be alarmed if you're greeted with a moo instead of a hello.

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Discover Hagen: A Whimsical Adventure for the Whole Family

Hagen, Germany is a perfect destination for a family-friendly trip with a plethora of activities to keep everyone entertained. Explore the famous open-air museum, LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen, which showcases the region's cultural heritage through reconstructed historic buildings and workshops. Spend a fun-filled day at Villa Hügel, a spacious park with stunning gardens, playgrounds, and picnic areas, offering a serene escape for kids and parents alike.

Hagen, Germany: Your Ultimate 2-Day Family Adventure!

Hagen, Germany offers a family-friendly trip with plenty of adventure and cultural experiences. Visit the beautiful Hohenhof Estate, a museum that offers interactive exhibits and stunning gardens suitable for all ages. Explore the enchanting Hagen Westphalian Open-Air Museum, where you can step back in time and see historic buildings, farms, and craft demonstrations. Enjoy the tranquility of Hengsteysee, a calm lake surrounded by nature, perfect for picnics, swimming, and boat rides.

Hagen, Germany: A Thrilling 3-Day Adventure for All Ages!

Hagen, Germany offers a delightful family-friendly trip with a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Enjoy exploring the expansive Hagen Open-Air Museum, where you can witness traditional rural life through historic buildings and interactive exhibits. For outdoor enthusiasts, the beautiful Hagen City Forest offers idyllic hiking trails, scenic picnic spots, and a fantastic playground, ensuring a fun-filled day for the entire family.

How to get to Hagen


The best way to get to Hagen by plane is to fly to Düsseldorf Airport and then take a train to Hagen Hbf.


The best way to get to Hagen by car is to take the A1 and then the A45 autobahn. The journey is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Cologne and 50 minutes from Dortmund.


The best way to get to Hagen by train is to take a train directly to Hagen Hbf from Frankfurt, Cologne or Dortmund.


There is no direct boat connection to Hagen, as it is an inland city.


The best way to get to Hagen by bus is to take the Flixbus to Dortmund then to take the S5 S-Bahn train to Hagen.

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