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Welcome to a city where the flamingos roam free and the cafecitos flow like water. Hialeah, where the streets are lined with pastelito-scented air and a Spanglish accent is music to your ears.

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How to get to Hialeah


The best way to get to Hialeah, United States by plane is to fly into Miami International Airport and then take a taxi or shuttle to Hialeah.


Driving to Hialeah is easy as it's located close to major highways. From Miami, take the I-95 N and then exit on NW 103rd Street to reach Hialeah. Alternatively, take the Florida Turnpike and exit on NW 74th Street.


Unfortunately, there are no train stations in Hialeah, so the best way to get there by train is to take Amtrak to Miami and then take a taxi or shuttle to Hialeah.


While Hialeah is not a coastal city, you can take a boat to Miami and then take a taxi or shuttle to Hialeah. The Port of Miami is a popular entry point for cruise ships, so you can arrive at the port and then take a taxi or shuttle to Hialeah.


Taking a bus is an affordable way to get to Hialeah. The Greyhound bus station in Miami is closest to Hialeah, so take a Greyhound bus from your location to Miami and then take a taxi or shuttle to Hialeah.

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