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Welcome to the land that's impossible to pronounce after a few drinks. Katowice, where the vowels are scarce and the consonants are unpronounceable, but the beer is always cold.

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Katowice: Quirky Delights and Fabulous Family Fun

Katowice, Poland offers a wonderful family-friendly trip with its combination of cultural attractions, beautiful parks, and recreational activities. Explore the vibrant city center and discover its fascinating museums, such as the Silesian Museum, which offers interactive exhibits for kids. Enjoy relaxing strolls in the lush green spaces of Kosciuszko Park or venture to the nearby Silesian Amusement Park, providing various rides and activities for children of all ages.

Katowice Adventures: Family Fun, Culture, and Cat Cafes

Katowice, located in southern Poland, offers a wonderful family-friendly trip with a mix of cultural and outdoor activities. Explore the enchanting Silesian Park, where children can enjoy playgrounds, mini-golf, and boat rides on the lake while adults can relax in the beautiful gardens. Discover the unique interactive exhibits at the Silesian Museum, perfect for all ages, and take a day trip to the nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum to educate the whole family about the historical significance of the region.

Katowice, Poland: The Ultimate Family Fun Getaway!

Katowice, Poland offers a diverse range of family-friendly activities for a memorable trip. Visit the Silesian Park, where kids can enjoy playgrounds, cycling paths, and paddle boats on the lake. Explore the impressive Silesian Museum, which hosts exhibitions and workshops suitable for all ages, providing an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family.

How to get to Katowice


The best way to get to Katowice, Poland by plane is to fly into Katowice International Airport (KTW), which is the main airport in the region with connections to many major cities in Europe.


Driving to Katowice by car is possible via several major highways, including the A4 and A1. There are many car rental options available at Katowice International Airport and in the city center.


Traveling to Katowice by train is a great option for those coming from neighboring countries. The main train station in Katowice is Katowice Railway Station, which is connected to many major cities in Poland.


There are no direct boat routes to Katowice, as it is a landlocked city. However, the city is located near several major rivers, such as the Vistula River, which can be explored by boat as part of a larger European river cruise.


Taking a bus to Katowice is a convenient and affordable option. The main bus station in Katowice is Katowice Bus Station, which is connected to many cities in Poland and Europe.

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Bielsko-Biała, located in southern Poland, is a charming city that offers an array of exciting experiences for tourists. With its beautiful architecture, charming cafes, and numerous hiking trails, there's something for everyone. Must-visit attractions include the Bielsko-Biała Museum, Wapienica Valley Nature Reserve, and the Szyndzielnia Cable Car, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Olsztyn Adventure: 3 Days of Family Fun!

Olsztyn, Poland offers a perfect destination for a family-friendly trip with its rich heritage and natural beauty. Explore Olsztyn Castle, a magnificent medieval fortress filled with history and interactive exhibits that engage both children and adults. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings by visiting Lake Ukiel, where the family can indulge in water sports, picnics, and leisurely walks in nature, creating lasting memories for everyone.

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Unforgettable long weekend in Poland

A trip to Poland as a tourist promises an unforgettable experience filled with rich history, stunning architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine. Visit the jaw-dropping Gothic castles and cathedrals, explore the nation's solemn past at Auschwitz and other WWII-era sites, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of colorful cities like Warsaw and Krakow. From scenic hikes in the Tatras Mountains to romantic gondola rides in Wroclaw, Poland is the perfect destination for adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike.