Lancaster Travel Plans

Welcome to a charming little town that won't make you feel like you're stuck in the middle ages... unless you visit the Lancaster Castle, of course.

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How to get to Lancaster


The best way to get to Lancaster by plane is through Philadelphia International Airport. From there, you can take a shuttle service or rent a car to drive to Lancaster.


Driving to Lancaster is straightforward, as the city is easily accessible from major highways such as I-76 and I-83. You can also rent a car from Philadelphia International Airport.


While there are no trains that go directly to Lancaster, you can take the Amtrak to the Lancaster train station, which is a short drive from the city center.


Lancaster is not accessible by boat as it is inland and does not have any navigable waterways.


Taking a bus to Lancaster is convenient and affordable. Greyhound, Trailways, and Megabus all have routes that go to Lancaster, with the bus stop located in the city center.

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