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Welcome to a city where gnomes outnumber humans and gold supposedly grows on trees (not really, but let's pretend for the sake of tourism). It's time to visit Legnica, the magical land of miniature statues and unrealistic botanical riches!

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How to get to Legnica


The best way to get to Legnica, Poland by plane is to take a flight to Wroclaw Airport and then take a train or bus to Legnica. There are several airlines that operate flights to Wroclaw from major cities in Europe.


The best way to get to Legnica, Poland by car is to drive from major cities in Poland, such as Warsaw or Krakow. The roads are well maintained and easy to navigate.


There is a train station in Legnica, and the best way to get there by train is to take a train from major cities in Poland, such as Warsaw or Krakow.


Unfortunately, there are no direct boat routes to Legnica, Poland as it is an inland city. The nearest ports are in Gdansk and Szczecin, which are both located on the coast.


The best way to get to Legnica, Poland by bus is to take a bus from major cities in Poland, such as Warsaw or Krakow. There are several bus companies that operate regular services to Legnica.

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