Little Rock Travel Plans

Welcome to the city where Bill Clinton became governor, Walmart began, and the people can't stop arguing over the proper way to pronounce Pecan.

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How to get to Little Rock


The best way to get to Little Rock by plane is, to fly into Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, which is located approximately 5 miles east of downtown Little Rock.


The best way to get to Little Rock by car is to drive on I-40, which passes through the city. Alternatively, one could take State Route 70, which also connects to Little Rock.


Unfortunately, there are no direct trains that operate to Little Rock. However, one could take the Amtrak's Texas Eagle train to the nearby city of Malvern, and then take a bus or car to Little Rock.


Unfortunately, there are no waterways to Little Rock that are navigable by boats or ships, as the city is not located close to the coast or the major rivers.


One of the easiest ways to get to Little Rock by bus is by taking Greyhound, which operates several bus routes that terminate at Little Rock Bus Station, located in downtown area of the city.

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