Lucca Travel Plans

Welcome to the charming town of Lucca, where bicycles outnumber cars and even pigeons sport tiny mustaches for that extra touch of Italian sophistication. Get ready to sip on espresso, explore endless historic charm, and dodge the occasional flip-flop-wielding nonna on her way to market.

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How to get to Lucca


The best way to get to Lucca by plane is to fly into Pisa International Airport (PSA) and then take a train or bus to Lucca.


Driving to Lucca is a great option, as the city is well-connected to the Italian road network. You can reach Lucca by car via the A11 or A12 highways.


To reach Lucca by train, you can take a train to Lucca Station, which is well-connected to major Italian cities like Florence, Pisa, and Rome.


While Lucca is not directly accessible by boat, you can enjoy a scenic boat ride from nearby cities like Livorno or Viareggio and then reach Lucca by train or bus.


Traveling to Lucca by bus is convenient, especially from nearby cities. You can take a bus to Lucca Bus Station, which is centrally located in the city.

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