Magdeburg Travel Plans

Welcome to the city that literally means Maiden's Castle, although there are no castles in sight and the maidens seem to have moved on. But don't worry, Magdeburg still has plenty to offer!

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How to get to Magdeburg


The best way to get to Magdeburg by plane is to fly into Berlin Tegel Airport and then take the train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof.


The best way to get to Magdeburg by car is to take the A2 highway from Berlin or Hanover.


The best way to get to Magdeburg by train is to take the ICE or EC train to Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof from major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, or Frankfurt.


Unfortunately, there are no waterways that lead to Magdeburg, so there is no way to get there by boat.


The best way to get to Magdeburg by bus is to take a FlixBus from major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich.

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