Newport News Travel Plans

Welcome to a city that's not new, nor a port, but still manages to make it work - Newport News! Here, you'll find a mix of history, beaches, and possibly more seafood than you can handle.

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How to get to Newport News


The best way to get to Newport News by plane is to fly into Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) which offers a variety of domestic flights from major airlines.


The best way to get to Newport News by car is to take I-64 if coming from the west, or I-264 if coming from the south or north.


There is no direct train to Newport News, but one can take Amtrak train to the Newport News station in nearby Hampton and then take a taxi to Newport News.


There are no direct boat services to Newport News, but one can take a boat to the nearby port of Hampton Roads and then take a taxi to Newport News.


The best way to get to Newport News by bus is to take Greyhound bus which has a station in Newport News.

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