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If you're looking for the perfect place to eat enough pastries to make Paul Hollywood proud, look no further than Oldenburg. This charming city will not only satisfy your food cravings, but also your desire for a healthy dose of history and culture.

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How to get to Oldenburg


The most convenient way to get to Oldenburg is by flying to Bremen Airport and then taking a train to Oldenburg. There are frequent trains leaving directly from the airport to Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.


Oldenburg is well connected to Germany's major highways, making it easy to reach by car. From Hamburg, take the A1 motorway and then switch to the A29 towards Oldenburg. Alternatively, if you're coming from Berlin, take the A24 and then switch to the A1 towards Bremen before joining the A29. The journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on traffic.


Oldenburg has excellent train connections with major German cities such as Hamburg and Berlin. If you are coming from outside Germany, take a train to Hamburg or Bremen and change trains there for Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof, which is the main station in Oldenburg. From there, you can connect to other destinations via regional trains and buses.


Unfortunately, Oldenburg is not accessible by boat as it is located inland. However, the city is located within a short distance of the coast, so it is possible to travel by boat to nearby ports such as Wilhelmshaven or Bremerhaven and then take a train or bus to Oldenburg.


There are several bus companies that operate services to Oldenburg from various locations in Germany and Europe. Flixbus, for example, offers frequent services from major cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, and Amsterdam. The central bus station in Oldenburg is located next to the train station on Karlstrasse.

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