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If you think that Oldham only has old hams, think again! This charming town has everything from historic monuments to trendy eateries, and it's guaranteed to leave you feeling anything but hamstrung.

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Oldham: Unleash Your Family's Adventure Side

Oldham, located in the Greater Manchester area of the United Kingdom, offers a fantastic destination for a family-friendly trip. From exploring the captivating history at the Oldham Heritage Centre to indulging in outdoor adventures at the beautiful Alexandra Park, there is something for everyone. With its vibrant community, welcoming locals, and exciting attractions, Oldham guarantees an unforgettable family getaway filled with fun, adventure, and cultural experiences.

Families Unite: Oldham Adventures and Delightful Treats!

A family trip to Oldham, United Kingdom offers a delightful blend of historical charm and outdoor adventure. Explore the town's rich industrial heritage by visiting attractions like the Oldham Coliseum Theatre and the Saddleworth Museum. Surrounding lush countryside offers plenty of opportunities for family-friendly activities such as hiking in the stunning Peak District National Park or enjoying a relaxing picnic by the picturesque Dovestone Reservoir.

Oldham: Discovering Family Fun and Cultural Delights

Oldham, located in Greater Manchester, is an excellent destination for a family-friendly trip. Explore the vibrant galleries and museums such as the Gallery Oldham and see fascinating exhibitions, perfect for sparking children's curiosity. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside on a hike in the stunning Pennines, and don't forget to take the little ones to Daisy Nook Country Park for some outdoor fun and picnicking opportunities.

How to get to Oldham


The best way to get to Oldham by plane is to fly into Manchester Airport and then take a train from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Oldham Mumps Station.


The best way to get to Oldham by car is to take the M60 motorway and exit at Junction 22. Then take the A62 towards Oldham town centre.


The best way to get to Oldham by train is to take a train from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Oldham Mumps Station.


There is no way to reach Oldham by boat as it is an inland town and not located near any major waterways.


The best way to get to Oldham by bus is to take the 182 or 184 bus from Manchester city centre to Oldham Bus Station.

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