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Welcome to the city where the Great Falls are so impressive, you'll forget all about that one time you fell off the monkey bars. Just be prepared to hear a lot of Bruce Springsteen.

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Paterson Family Fun: Waterfalls, Pizza, and Sweet Treats

Paterson, located in New Jersey, offers a range of family-friendly attractions and activities for an enjoyable trip. Families can explore the Great Falls National Historical Park, a stunning waterfall surrounded by walking trails, picnic spots, and a visitor center showcasing the area's history. Additionally, kids will love visiting the Paterson Museum with its interactive exhibits, and families can enjoy outdoor recreational activities like hiking, boating, and fishing at the nearby Garret Mountain Reservation.

Paterson, USA: A Whirlwind of Family Fun!

Get ready for a family-friendly adventure in Paterson, United States! Discover the rich history of the city by visiting the Great Falls National Historical Park, where kids can learn about the Industrial Revolution while enjoying scenic views. Enjoy a fun-filled day at the Paterson Museum, showcasing exhibits on Native American culture, the city's silk industry, and 19th-century locomotives, making it an educational and exciting trip for the whole family.

Paterson Delights: A Families' 3-Day Adventure on a Budget

Paterson, located in the United States, offers a delightful and family-friendly trip. With its rich history and diverse culture, families can explore the Great Falls National Historical Park and witness the stunning waterfall. Additionally, the city offers various family-oriented attractions, such as museums, parks, and recreational activities, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

How to get to Paterson


The most convenient way to get to Paterson, United States by plane is to fly into Newark Liberty International Airport, which is approximately 20 miles from Paterson. From there, you can take a taxi, shuttle, or rental car to reach your destination.


Driving to Paterson is also an option, as it is located close to major highways such as Interstate 80 and the Garden State Parkway. You can rent a car from Newark Liberty International Airport or drive your own vehicle to reach your destination.


Although there is no train station directly in Paterson, you can take a NJ Transit train from New York Penn Station to Paterson Train Station, which will take approximately 45 minutes.


Unfortunately, there are no boat options available to reach Paterson due to its inland location.


There are several bus options available to reach Paterson, including NJ Transit buses that go from New York Port Authority Bus Terminal to Paterson Bus Terminal, as well as Greyhound buses that go from various locations to Paterson Bus Terminal.

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