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If you're looking for a town that's almost as much fun to say as it is to visit, look no further than Peoria. Although, if you're unsure how to pronounce it, don't worry - the locals will gladly correct you.

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Peoria: A Day of Family Adventures and Delights

Peoria, located in the heart of Illinois, makes for an ideal family-friendly trip with its array of attractions and activities. From exploring the Peoria Riverfront Museum, a fascinating blend of art, history, and science exhibits, to enjoying a relaxing day at the Wildlife Prairie Park, where kids can get up close with various animals, the city offers abundant opportunities for education and entertainment. Additionally, families can indulge in outdoor adventures, such as hiking at the Forest Park Nature Center or embarking on a scenic Riverfront trail, making Peoria a perfect destination for a memorable family getaway.

Peoria Playground: A Fun-Filled 2 Day Family Getaway

Peoria, located in Illinois, is an ideal destination for a family-friendly trip. The town boasts numerous attractions suitable for all ages, including the Peoria Zoo, where kids can get up close to a variety of animals, the Riverfront Museum, which offers interactive exhibits and a planetarium, and the Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum, featuring hands-on educational activities. Additionally, Peoria is known for its beautiful parks, such as Forest Park Nature Center, providing opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife observation, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable family getaway.

Peoria Adventure Extravaganza: Family Fun on a Budget!

Peoria, located in the heart of Illinois, offers a delightful family-friendly getaway. With its beautiful riverfront, numerous parks, and diverse attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From exploring the fascinating Caterpillar Visitors Center to indulging in outdoor activities at the Wildlife Prairie Park, Peoria promises a memorable vacation for the whole family.

How to get to Peoria


The best way to get to Peoria by plane is to fly into the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, which is located just a few miles west of the downtown area.


Driving to Peoria is the best way to get there if you're coming from within the region. The city is conveniently located at the intersection of two major interstates: I-74 and I-55.


Although Peoria does have a railway station, there are no passenger trains that currently run through the city. Therefore, the best way to get to Peoria is not by train.


As Peoria is located inland, there are no direct boat routes to the city. The nearest ports are located on the Illinois River, with Peoria being accessible via the river by boat from nearby ports such as Grafton, IL or St. Louis, MO.


Peoria is served by Greyhound and Burlington Trailways, both of which stop at the Peoria CityLink Transit Center located in downtown Peoria. Taking a bus is the best way to get to Peoria if you're traveling from a nearby city or state.

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