Port St. Lucie Travel Plans

Welcome to the land of endless sunshine, where golf carts outnumber cars and retirees outnumber the workforce. It's Port St. Lucie, where you can tan by day and bingo your nights away.

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How to get to Port St. Lucie


The best way to get to Port St. Lucie by plane is to fly into Palm Beach International Airport and then take a rental car or taxi for the one hour and forty minute drive to Port St. Lucie.


Driving to Port St. Lucie is relatively easy as it is located just off of the Florida Turnpike, about an hour and a half drive from Miami or two and a half hours from Orlando.


Unfortunately, there are no train stations in Port St. Lucie, so taking the train is not an option for getting there.


While there is no direct boat access to Port St. Lucie, you can take a boat to either Stuart or Fort Pierce and then drive or take a taxi to Port St. Lucie.


One of the best ways to get to Port St. Lucie by bus is to take the Greyhound bus from Miami to Stuart, and then transfer to the Martin County Transit bus for a short ride into Port St. Lucie.

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