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Looking for a city that's not quite random, but also not too planned? Look no further than Radom, the perfect balance of chaos and order!

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How to get to Radom


The best way to get to Radom, Poland by plane is to fly to Warsaw Chopin Airport and from there take a train or bus to Radom. The airport is well-connected with major cities around the world and there are several daily trains and buses from Warsaw to Radom.


The best way to get to Radom by car is to take the A2 and E372 highways from Warsaw. The journey takes around 1 hour depending on traffic and the roads are well-maintained. There are several parking options in Radom city center.


There are several daily trains from Warsaw to Radom which is the best way to get there by train. The journey takes around 2 hours and the train station in Radom is located in the center of the city.


There are no boats or ports located in Radom as it is not a coastal city.


Taking a bus from Warsaw to Radom is the best way to get there by bus. There are several daily buses from Warsaw to Radom including express buses that take around 1.5 hours. The bus station in Radom is located in the center of the city.

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