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Recklinghausen is a hidden gem that's not really hidden because we're telling you about it. It may be hard to spell, but trust us - it's worth a visit!

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Discover the Quirky Charm of Recklinghausen: Family Fun

Recklinghausen, Germany, is a perfect destination for a family-friendly trip with plenty of attractions for everyone. The city offers several museums and cultural sites, including the famous Kunsthalle Recklinghausen art museum, where children can explore various exhibitions and get inspired. Additionally, the beautiful Westfalenpark is an ideal spot for picnics and outdoor activities, offering playgrounds, mini-golf, and even a small zoo, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Recklinghausen, Germany: A Magical 2-Day Family Adventure

Recklinghausen in Germany is a fantastic destination for a family-friendly trip. This charming city offers a range of activities to keep everyone entertained, from exploring the beautiful green spaces like Stadtgarten to visiting the fascinating Westphalian Museum of Industry. The annual Ruhrfestspiele, one of the oldest and largest cultural festivals in Europe, also offers a plethora of family-oriented performances and events.

The Ultimate 3-Day Adventure in Recklinghausen, Germany

Recklinghausen, Germany offers the perfect destination for a family friendly trip with its multitude of attractions and activities. Visit the impressive and interactive Vestisches Museum, where kids can learn while having fun exploring historical exhibits and participating in workshops. The picturesque Halterner Stausee nearby is an excellent spot for a family picnic and offers opportunities for swimming, sailing, and hiking, ensuring an unforgettable trip for both kids and adults alike.

How to get to Recklinghausen


The best way to get to Recklinghausen, Germany by plane is to fly into Düsseldorf Airport. From there, you can take a train or a taxi to Recklinghausen.


Driving by car is another option to reach Recklinghausen. You can take the A2 and A43 highways to get there, with multiple exits leading to the city.


There is a train station in Recklinghausen called Recklinghausen Hauptbahnhof. It is well-connected to other major cities in Germany, making it a convenient option to reach Recklinghausen by train.


Although there are no direct boat routes to Recklinghausen, you can reach the nearby Rhine River and then continue your journey inland by other modes of transport like train, bus, or car.


To get to Recklinghausen by bus, you can take a FlixBus or Eurolines bus to Recklinghausen central bus station, which is located in the city center.

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