Rotherham Travel Plans

Welcome to the land of flat caps, fierce football rivalries, and the birthplace of Chuckle Brothers! Rotherham is an industrial town that may not be the first choice for a holiday, but it's definitely worth a visit.

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How to get to Rotherham


The best way to get to Rotherham by plane is to fly into Manchester Airport or Doncaster Sheffield Airport, both of which are approximately 30 miles away from Rotherham, and then take a taxi or train to Rotherham station.


Rotherham is easily accessible by car via the M1 motorway, which passes to the west of the town. The town centre can be reached via junctions 33 or 34 of the M1.


Rotherham has its own railway station located in the town centre. It is served by a number of regional and national train services, including Northern Rail and East Midlands Trains.


There are no direct boat routes to Rotherham, as it is located inland. However, there are a number of canal routes which run through the town, including the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation and the Dearne and Dove Canal, which can be accessed via nearby towns and cities such as Sheffield and Doncaster.


The best way to get to Rotherham by bus is to take a National Express coach from London or other major UK cities to Rotherham Interchange, which is located in the town centre.

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