Sabadell Travel Plans

Nestled in the hills of a certain region lies Sabadell, a city known for its love of all things Catalan, its vibrant culture, and its ability to turn a shopping spree into an Olympic sport.

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How to get to Sabadell


The best way to get to Sabadell by plane is to fly into Barcelona–El Prat Airport and then take the R2 Nord train to Sabadell. The journey takes approximately one hour and the train station is located in the airport terminal.


To get to Sabadell by car, take route C-58 from Barcelona. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes depending on traffic.


You can take the R4 train from Barcelona Sants train station to get to Sabadell. The journey takes around 30 minutes.


Unfortunately, there are no boat services available to get to Sabadell as it is located inland.


The best way to reach Sabadell by bus is to take the Sagalés bus from Barcelona Estació del Nord bus station. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes depending on traffic.

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